If you decide to re-position yourself, what considerations will be necessary? We divide this topic into two parts. Today, changing your career – part one. Tomorrow, part two.

Note: Only embark on a career change once you have a fully-conceived and updated self-brand. And match this self-brand to new career opportunities you pursue.


Insights into Changing Your Career – Part One


Why People Do Career Relaunches

First, we look to observations from Amanda Augustine, writing for The Balance: 

“Before you decide [to embark on a new career], it is important to take the time to evaluate your present situation, to explore career options, to decide if your career needs making over, and to choose a career that will be more satisfying for you.”

“There are many different reasons why people want to change occupations. Of course, it’s a personal decision with many factors involved. Joblist’s Midlife Career Crisis survey reports on the top five reasons people change careers: Better Pay — 47%. Too Stressful — 39%. Better Work-Life Balance — 37%. Wanted a New Challenge — 25%. No Longer Passionate About Field — 23%.”

“The Joblist survey reports that most people were happier after they made the change: Happier — 77%. More satisfied — 75%. More fulfilled — 69%. Less stressed — 65%. In addition, the people who change careers were making more money. Survey respondents who changed careers for better pay earned an additional $10,800 annually compared to their previous positions.”

Also, see the following steps for a career reinvention from The Balance.

Changing Your Career - Part One
Image by Hilary Allison © The Balance 2019[/caption]


Presentations on Relaunching Careers

Next, we turn to Joseph Liu, who focuses on career relaunches. 

To begin, here is an entertaining — yet very informative — animated YouTube video on the seven stages of career change.

In addition, Liu offers the Career Relaunch® podcast, which features about 70 podcasts. To access the site, click the image. In addition, below is one recent podcast on Handling a Crisis with Liya Dashinka. It relates to the coronavirus. 

Changing Your Career - Part One


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