Because marketing is an inexact science, mistakes happen. Despite many great companies. Indeed, despite advances, marketing sometimes remains more art than science. Thus, we cite marketing mistakes to avoid. HOWEVER, a firm without marketing mistakes is probably too conservative in its approach.

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Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

With the preceding in mind, let’s consider some of the biggest marketing mistakes made in 2019.

Recently, Advertising Age identified several major marketing mistakes from 2019. As reported by Adrianne Pasquarelli:

“Here are some of the biggest mistakes marketers made in ads, products, public comments and internal operations this year. Web site glitches, easy-to-mock names and tone-deaf advertising dominated the headlines of 2019, even as some marketers tried to fly too close to the sun (ahem, WeWork). Therefore, we present at some of the biggest mistakes marketers made in this year.”

After looking at this list of the failures cited by Ad Age, click the image to access its full discussion.

  • Marriott says hello to Bonvoy
  • Rent the runway—oh wait, you can’t 
  • Peloton’s holiday horror story
  • Boeing’s brand crisis 
  • Airbnb scams
  • WeWork don’t work
  • Tesla’s Cybertruck dreams get shattered
  • The unhealthy Juul
  • Kim’s Kimono unraveling
  • Baby Yoda is late to the Christmas tree

Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
Brand fails. Credit: Illustration by Tam Nguyen/Ad Age

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