As we say goodbye to 2019, we look ahead to next year. Accordingly, this post looks at shopping apps to save YOU money in 2020.

Accordingly, first read these tips:


Wikibuy’s 15 Shopping Apps to Save Money in 2020

Thank you to Wikibuy and Scott Turner of Siege Media for the following discussion and infographic:

While spending money never saves you money, some companies like to make you think that’s the case. However, the reality for most of us is that shopping for products we need to live is an inevitable task.

So why not save while you shop?

Unfortunately, trying to save a little money on everyday items (or even those that aren’t) can be a time-consuming and daunting task. “Where do I find coupons?” “Do they even exist for this store?” “How do I know they’ll work?”

You’d be surprised at some of the discounts that exist out there if you just know where to look for them! And the great thing about it being 2020 is that there is a host of technology designed to help you do so, no matter what you’re shopping for.

Saving money is the top New Year’s Resolution of Americans — after losing weight and dieting). As a result, we put together a guide to 15 shopping apps designed to help you save cash on everything you shop for in 2020.

Indeed, these apps make navigating the online discount ecosystem — and actually finding great deals — much simpler. No matter whether you’re pursuing your resolutions or filling up your car with gas.

Shopping Apps to Save Money in 2020


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