For competitive markets, superior customer service may enable companies to stand out. In contrast, poor customer service often results in lost customers. Thus, firms must avoid customer service mistakes.

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Avoid Customer Service Mistakes

An infographic from Provide Support presents 15 major mistakes by customer service personnel. They should all be avoided. But, how? 

As Mary Shulzhenko reports:

“Your customer service employees represent your brand. The human face and the voice of your firm. Their competence, soft skills, and communication habits count a lot toward the quality of service provided to your customers.  Also, they greatly impact overall customer satisfaction.”

“Generally, what are the most common mistakes by customer service professionals? To prepare this infographic, we collected 15 of the most dangerous mistakes. They can have negative consequences. For both customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Is your customer support team guilty of any of them?”

“In fact, all listed mistakes are easily preventable. Make sure your customer service employees know exactly how to engage with customers. They must realize when they are wrong before they interact with customers. This  requires that firms give them regular training and mentoring  To help grow their professionalism. As well as improve their skills.”

Take a look at the infographic. Then answer. Which of the mistakes have YOU made?

Avoid Customer Service Mistakes


3 Replies to “Avoid Customer Service Mistakes”

  1. Customer service is an big part of building an relationship with the customers. A good representative has to be well prepared look after the customer needs. However, some customers can become hectic to handle so should they lie to get out of the situation. The most best reason to have a good customer relationship is to be ready for questions and answer them confidently.

  2. I used to be involved with sales and I always felt terrible when I wasn’t honest with customers. I was prompted to oversell how impressive the product was and I always felt bad about it. I told myself that I was representing the product in the way the company had wanted. This is why I never want to be in sales.

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