In recent years, the roles of chief marketing officers (CMOs) have evolved. At many leading firms, CMOs now engage in an expanding portfolio of activities. Thus, we need to understand the types of chief marketing officers. Maybe, that fits into your career path. 🙂

Two good background posts to review. Transforming Marketing Departments and Marketers as Strategic Influencers.


McKinsey Research on Types of Chief Marketing Officers

According to McKinsey & Co.:

“In recent years, a sea change has occurred at leading companies. Therefore, executives at these organizations no longer view marketing as bound by functions that sit in the marketing department. Instead, they think in terms of what we call ‘marketing with a capital M.’ In this model, diverse areas of the organization participate in marketing’s success. In addition to seeing themselves as partners in its mission. These areas include —from sales and product innovation to finance, technology, and HR. As head of marketing, the CMO has a crucial role to play in driving organizations toward this vision. With the stakes being high. Our analysis reveals that a marketing organization’s ability to drive growth depends on the strength of the CMO’s partnerships.”

“Overcoming hurdles isn’t just essential for the CMO. It’s crucial for business growth. Our analysis shows that high-growth firms are seven times more likely to have a Unifier CMO. He/she fosters robust, collaborative partnerships across the C-suite. In contrast with the more isolated archetype we call Loner. Most marketers are somewhere in between, an archetype we call Friend.”

See the two charts below.

Types of Chief Marketing Officers


Types of Chief Marketing Officers

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