Will your current job lead you along your chosen career path? Do you know which career suits you best? That represents the subject of today’s post. Which career is best for your personality ? Try not to get stuck in a job you dislike.

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According to Truity — Which Career Is Best For Your Personality

As Truity notes:

“During your search, have you ever wondered why you are attracted to certain jobs? Ever thought about how happy you would be as an architect? Or how bored you would be as a software engineer? Your personality type could have everything to do with your preferences. Thus, understanding your personality type presents a key factor in finding the career that makes you happy. To help you, Truity Psychometrics, a provider of online personality and career assessments, compiled an infographic. To devise the infographic, Truity developed the TypeFinder® personality type assessment. Through this approach, Truity details the four dimensions of personality type. Importantly, it suggests ideal jobs for each type.

See the infographic below. It highlights four personality types.

Which Career Is Best For Your Personality


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  1. Unfortunately this can be bad advice over the long term. As we go through our careers, and lives, we develop new skills and competencies. People are not static. Thanks to experiences we evolve. Strengths and weaknesses that we had after leaving school change as we go through stages of our careers. The introverted and serene accounting grad may develop wonderful people and presentation skills after working with colleagues and clients for some time; the super salesperson at 25 might get exhausted with the grind of the sales process and take a different path. Better to periodically evaluate your personality, interests and mate them to career options. And get a mentor to help make that evaluation as honest as can be.

  2. It is not easy to find a job that you like and are good at. Especially when it comes to salary. From the test above, I got my personality and so called ideal job. And it is truely the thing I wanna do. However, these jobs pay a very basic wage and don’t support a middle-class life, no matter how well you do. I agree the commmet before, if possible get a mentor to help you to make a less bad choice.

  3. The sad thing is, even if I know myself well enough, say, have a clear view on my personality, my preferences and The kind of job that I am looking for, the truth is there is not always room for me to select. According to my experience in finding a job these years, often times, it is the job that is seeking someone ‘appropriate’ instead of someone is seeking an ‘appropriate’ job. There is a gap between demand and supply in job market, especially for those ‘promising’ job positions. Although it is good to know what you like and what job you maybe comfortable with, ultimately you somehow have to deal with the job that accepts you.

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