Last week, we studied the role of marketers as strategic influencers: “Marketing’s strategic input is essential for firms looking to succeed in the continually transforming business environment.” With that in mind, we look at how firms are transforming marketing departments. In sum, how should marketing departments act in today’s evolving competitive environment?


Transforming Marketing Departments

So, how firms will transform their marketing departments? According to a recent Marketer report, The Modern Marketing Department 2018: Evolution Through Digital Transformation:

“We recognize that marketing departments stand at the forefront of digital transformation. Thus, paving the way for the entire firm. CMOs and marketing leaders hold a prime position to determine what internal changes must be made to propel a transformation effort. And one of the most challenging tasks involves aligning outside partners with how your team works.”

“As a result, the ecosystem of third-party partners only gets more complex as technology advances. Creative. Media, Digital. Research. Communications. Management consulting firms. Data partners. And marketing/advertising technology vendors. With so much choice, CMOs worldwide outsource a number of marketing services. as noted in Newbase’s January 2018 survey.”


Transforming Marketing Departments


“In the following podcast, eMarketer analyst and report author, Jillian Ryan talks about how CMOs and marketing leaders should determine what internal changes must be made to propel a transformation effort forward.”

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