Feeling lackadaisical? Looking for new challenges? Getting too complacent? If you answer yes to any of these questions, it may be time to break out of your comfort zone. That does not mean turning your life upside down. But, it may mean breaking out of the box into which you have fallen. Merriam-Webster defines the comfort zone as the level at which one functions with ease and familiarity.

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How to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Recently, Mike Johnson of Mike’s Gear Reviews prepared an excellent infographic on this topic. Along with a detailed commentary. According to Johnson:

“We are ruled by our habits – good and bad. We go the same way to work every day, we eat the same food, and we live in regular patterns. Why??? Because it minimizes stress and risk, It creates mental security, decreases stress and increases happiness. Imagine your comfort zone as things that make life worthwhile and interesting.”

Nonetheless, “science shows that when you break out of your comfort zone these outcomes occur. (1) You are more productive. (2) You’ll have more fun, meet new people and expand your opportunities for joy. (3) It’s easier to continue to grow. (4) You find new ways to harness your creativity. (5) You have an easier time dealing with rapid change.”

“Why it’s so important to sometimes break from your comfort zone. The rate of technology change in the world is increasing rapidly! This rate of change is just increasing, so being flexible and adaptable to change is a basic survival skill in today’s world.”

Break Out of Your Comfort Zone


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