Our personalities affect every facet of our lives, including the jobs for which we are best suited. So, it is vital to understand your personality and how it will impact on your career success.

Let us turn to a large-scale study of 16 personality types by Truity Psychometrics titled “Does Your Personality Type Predict Your Career Destiny?”  [Click the preceding link to read in detail about the study.] Thousands of 12,000 people completed all or most of the research questionnaire for the online Truity study:

“Personality type assessments are one of the most commonly used tools in career planning. Extensive research, much of it based on the MBTI┬« assessment, has examined occupational trends among the 16 types, and studies have found clear differences in the occupations chosen by people of different personality types.”


“Our goal in this study was to objectively evaluate the assumptions that we make about the career paths of the 16 personality types. To this end, we aim to do a comprehensive analysis of various career outcomes among the 16 personality types and examine what differences, if any, exist between types.”


Here as an infographic look at the study results at Tech.co.


11 Replies to “Personality Types and Career Choice”

  1. MBTI assessments are really interesting and can be helpful to some people, but I personally don’t find them to be the most accurate. One of my classes required that I went to the career center and took an MBTI and I felt like my results didn’t really reflect my personality. Also, many of the questions asked were repeated with different wording. This test also forces you to choose between two options when in real life you can be in between. Overall it was interesting to see my results even if I didn’t necessarily agree with them.

  2. Cool! I totally agree that people’s career linked to their personalities. According to the blog, it seems that people who are extraverts or willing to think have greater career and thus more salary. That makes to think about your another blog, the blog about Network, it mentioned that we should go out of our current social zone, to meet new people. I think that is what a extravert always do. So the two blogs have some similarities and I really need to do some changes.

  3. I don’t believe that a person’s personality type should be considered as strongly as it is in terms of what career they should pursue. I remember always taking career determination tests in high school and never agreeing with the results I was presented with. I think that not everyone may have the personality that goes with the career they want, but there desire to pursue that field can lead them to change themselves. For example, since I was always very quiet and shy, MBTI assessment tests would suggest that I should work in environments where I can work independently without much communication with others. However, I was always interested in the field of PR as well as media studies, which I knew would require me to be social. So far throughout college, I have put myself in positions where I’m forced to develop my social skills in order to have more success in the communications field of work. Having certain characteristics should not determine what you can do with your life. Each person has the power to strengthen aspects of themselves to be more fit for the career they dream of having.

  4. I don’t think one can say or even relate to the fact that personality tests and career goals and facts align. I do believe that there are tests that people can take to see what career path would suit them, but I don’t think a personality test is a good predictor of how much income employees can make or if they are not fit to be a good leader. This article is one I strongly disagree with and can possibly have negative effects on a person who may be an introvert (lowest average income). I think this test may make people want to be someone they’re not depending on what statistics say about their current personalities. I am an Introvert and I have supervised workers and love my job. This just goes to show that not all statistics are correct.

  5. I think this article is very generalized. There can be lots of assumptions made that certain personalities fit well in certain environments and careers, however it is just a generalization. All people are so very much different even if people have similar personalities. With personality, comes interests, likes, and dislikes. I believe that it has a lot more to do with than just personality.

  6. In this day in age, one cannot just plug in one’s skills to a certain jobs. With the advancement of technology, jobs have become much more complicated and differentiated. Through personality tests, one can accurately see what kind of job they can succeed in. At the end of the day, the key in life is to do a job that one is not completely miserable with completing. For one of my business classes. the Career Center came and had us take a personality test as an ability to figure out where we would best fit in. I was given the following characteristics as a result of the test: competitive, achiever, positive, leader and organized. While I am not physically organized when it comes to the cleanliness of my room or the neatness of my backpack, I am organized in the sense of good time management. So, knowing this fact, I am aware that I am able to work at jobs that require intense time management and competitiveness because I am inherently those characteristics. Through the greatness of personality tests, an individual can get a further understanding of themselves and ultimately go one step closer to finding their dream job.

  7. Personality is a big factor in the steps one is going to take to get a job. I think it plays an important factor because those with a more extroverted personality will possibly have put themselves into positions to figure out what job suits them more. They will have tried new things and left it once they decided they didn’t like it because they are outgoing enough to state what is on their mind. Although I am speaking generally and this is not true for everyone, I do think that being outgoing does play an important part in your job and job search. Networking is such a large part of the industry these days that someone who is outgoing already has the upper hand, they are able to express what they want and are lead on a path that will help them achieve this. I think that many people see personality has whether someone will be good or not for a job. I recently had a career center appointment and as I was talking explaining what I was hoping to do, the advisor stopped and said “just from talking to you I can tell that you would be good in that field, Your PERSONALITY would fit.” So I think this just goes to show that personality does play a part when getting hired or deciding where to go because people lead you based on what you see. A boss will hirer you or an advisor will tell you what you they see in you and this will help you on your path. Being vocal is important when it comes to jobs and your personality has a lot to do with it.

  8. People can use the MBTI as a suggestion, but should not rely on it totally. I took my first MBTI test more than five years ago. After that, I took several more times of this test during these years. Interestingly, each of those test results is different. I guess it is because the result just reflected my thoughts at one specific time. Personality is a very complex thing and sometimes it will change based on the experience. I think the most important thing is doing the work you really like, not just relying on the personality test.

  9. According to W. C. F Model of performance, there are four factors that will affect the performance of the employees: skills, role perception, motivation and aptitude. Aptitude is the focus of this article. Aptitude is the personality that seldom changes over time. Hence, it is much more important to find a perfect job that suits us better. If someone is creative and outgoing, he or she could be a marketer. If someone is detail-orientated, he or she could be a treasurer.

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