Do you like/love to shop — or hate to shop? Do you spend time comparison shopping — or buy whatever is readily available? Are you an impulse shopper drawn to sales and special displays — or a careful planner who sticks to a shopping list? Your answers to these and other questions help determine your “shopping personality.” has put together a fun quiz to determine your shopping quiz. It is somewhat tongue in cheek!!

Click the image to access the quiz. You will get feedback if you complete the quiz and click “test results.”


11 Replies to “A Fun Quiz: What Is YOUR Shopping Personality?”

  1. This is probably one of the best articles I have ever read. The reason why it isn’t THE best is because of all the pop-ups that I populated when trying to do the quiz. It was just annoying because I was so excited to do the quiz, but I have Internet Explorer tell me it has to block an add from the site itself and then when I clicked my answer for the first question, an ad from Publishers Clearing House popped-up. Besides that, I thought it was interesting to see what kind of shopper I am. In case any of you were wondering, I am an Impulsive Go-Getter.

  2. I got Practical Purchaser. It makes sense because I don’t really enjoy shopping, especially clothes shopping which was mostly what this quiz asked about. When I do go to the mall, it’s either with my friends because they need something, or because I really need something. I usually only buy clothes or accessories if I have something in mind to wear it with, or I have somewhere to go that I could wear it to. So I’d say my results were accurate.

  3. I agree with Allison, too many ads all over and popping up, but it was a quiz I enjoyed taking. I’m a Savy Shopper, which is true because in everything I do, I always try to look for discounts whenever available. I love taking fun quizzes like this that tells me my personalty or styles I tend to lean towards.

  4. For me, impulse shopping depends on the price. If the price is lower than I know before, like discounts and free samples. I will buy it. Because the company captures my needs. Shopping personality can change. So most social media would use this characteristics to send mail to impulse customers with big discounts and give them limited time to buy. So the less time they consider, more chance they will buy this products online. This strategy I know and it work every time. Even I know this “secret”, I still drop in this “trap”. It works. But for careful planner, most of them would consider product quality than price. So some company would send mail to this VIP customers who would buy over-priced products of the company. Sometimes the company will send them new arrivals or events.

  5. This was one of my favorite quizzes because it was so on point. Even the way the choices was worded was exactly how I think. Shopping is a game, I always go for the best deal I can get.Name brands are not important to me since styles change constantly and the types of clothing I need changes as I enter certain stages in my life. The one thing about the quiz however were all the popups. If there weren’t as many popups as there were the quiz would have been better.

  6. After taking this quiz which I quickly learned is intended for women, I learned that I am a practical purchaser. This does happen to be how I would label myself as I always try to save money whenever possible and do much research before making any purchase over about 50 dollars.
    -Matthew LoBiondo

  7. What a great article!
    I am a practical Purchaser and I knew that.
    I only buy what I need and everything must mix and match.
    Will never spend too much on clothes, but will never look cheap specially for work.

  8. I found this funny. I am rated as an impulsive go getter even though I do not go any shopping at all. I found that the quiz was indirectly focused on just women since they shop the most, great marketing move in my mind. I believe that since i hate shopping and I never shop at all that this quiz was not accurate for me since I am not a “go-getter”. In sum, the quiz was focused on women so they could get a better idea of how they shop, but did they take into consideration men that like to shop ? most likely not, putting stereo types into peoples heads, but marketers love to capitalize on those sorts of things.

  9. After I completed my fun quiz to find out my shopping personality, I saw my result is practical purchaser. Based on the answer, I think this fun quiz is reasonable. Actually, in my life I checked my closet every season to find out what kind of clothes I need to replace. In the most of time, the reasons that made me to buy new stuffs are the clothes that damaged in the wash and ill-fitting clothes. Also, in the mall, I do not really like the salesperson follow me, I believe I can find fit stuffs. Moreover, I am strong-minded and rational. I take the advices from the salespersons and my friends, but I do not accept them quickly, I will consider their advices by myself instead. At the end, the goods on sale or full price are not important, I think they should worth.

  10. After I finished the quiz, I got Practical Purchaser. I think the result is accurate since I am not that crazy about shopping or something expensive but on my must-buy list. I usually wait to sale season so that I can buy a lot of things with discount. Most of brands will have discount, so why not to wait a while and save hundreds of bucks. When I do online shopping, I will search coupon before I checkout or use credit card to get cash back. It will save me a lot of money eventually.

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