As part of being good in our careers, we need to learn how to be mentally stronger. Adversity comes in many forms. Therefore, we must prepare for it. That means not stressing out in times of tough decisions or personal problems. To start, see Positivity Beats Negativity.


What Is Mental Toughness?

According to Mental Toughness Inc.:

“Mental toughness is the ability to resist, manage, and overcome doubts, worries, concerns and circumstances that prevent you from succeeding. Or excelling at a task. Or meeting an objective or a performance outcome that you set out to achieve.

“What are the core distinctions of mental toughness? Mental toughness skills represent an asset to have in all areas of life. Those who own ‘mental toughness’ easily rise to positions of authority and leadership. In business, athletics, and show business. As well as excelling in their personal lives. Below, we outline the scope of mental toughness:

    • Winners Mindset The attitude of a performer that they will execute at a their maximum level consistently. Their belief in themselves and their technical aptitude and training acumen presents as solid and unwavering.
    • Hyper Focus — The ability to execute at a peak level of performance in all situations without getting distracted. Besides complete mental clarity and ease. Indeed, some call this being ‘in the zone.’
    • Stress optimization — The ability to manage stress and pressure in the moment a task is performed. Without doubt, fear, or anxiety. Or at very least without being deterred by fear and anxiety and performing regardless.
    • Failing well — Positively contextualizing an inability to create the results we set out to achieve. In addition, to extract value and learning from the failure to perform. Then to funnel it into the next performance, so as to continue to rise to the next level.”

Click here access to a free mental toughness quiz. How do you score? 🙂


How to Be Mentally Stronger — An Infographic

This infographic provides several tips on mental toughness. It is by Chloe Chong for Lifehack. 

How to Be Mentally Stronger


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