So, how often do you think about this? Where do see YOUR future career path over the next several years? For many of us, we think about it often. While for others, we think about it sometimes. Yet, almost no one answers that they never think about it.

With this in mind, today’s post presents a quiz on this topic. And you can access it below.


Background: Where Do See YOUR Future Career Path

Whenever you do a personal SWOT analysis, your future career path must be considered. Because you need to ready for the future. Whether you stay at your current firm. Or decide to move on. Be prepared with a plan a, a plan b, and even a plan c in preparing for future future.

To begin, review these posts:


A Quiz: Where Do See YOUR Future Career Path

To assist in planning your career future, HubSpot devised a short, simple quiz. And based it on these factors:

“To help you plan confidently for your next five years, HubSpot has launched a brand new career assessment called The Next Five. Tell us your interests, strengths, and working style, and we’ll help you identify a next step that’s right for your long-term professional goals. Here are the five steps to this career quiz and some initial questions to ask yourself when deciding where to go in your career:

  1. Work Environment
  2. Work Challenges
  3. Happiness Level
  4. Skills
  5. Goals”

Click the image to go right to the quiz. Then, answer the questions. And see what is recommended for YOU.

Where Do See YOUR Future Career Path -- A Quiz


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