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How would YOU address these comments: I regularly ask my undergraduate and graduate students: Why should an employer want to hire YOU? What distinctive skills do YOU offer?

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From HubSpot: Insightful Self-Branding Advice

Carly Stec, a senior content strategist at , offers excellent self-branding advice. Definitely worth an in-depth look!

“When you look for a job, expect to be Googled. When you try to land a speaking engagement, expect to be Googled. Send a guest contributor pitch to a blog you admire. And expect to be Googled. Why? Anyone who may work with you wants to know about you. That person wants an idea of your work and your personality. Then, he or she may respond to you.”

“As a result, your personal brand comes in. It refers to how you present or market yourself, your skills, and your work. Want to get past that initial Google search? You need a personal brand that reflects your capabilities. We assembled an A to Z guide. From consistency to networking, we walk you through the elements that define an impressive personal brand. So, you feel good about those Google search results.

The A to Z Guide begins with Authenticity. And it concludes with Zealous. Click the icon. Then, read the in-depth series of tips.

Insightful Self-Branding Advice. A to Z Guide from HubSpot:


Click the image for free bio tips and templates to get noticed. Note: Free sign-in required. Worth the effort!


18 Replies to “Insightful Self-Branding Advice”

  1. Self branding is more important and relevant today than it has ever been before. Like the article stated, any time you begin a new working relationship or go for an interview, you can expect to be googled. For this reason, it is very important to make sure your presence on the internet only reflects positive aspects that you would want an employer to see.

  2. This is definitely an interesting post, and I find it very true in this decade, and throughout the future. When I watch a presentation, I occasionally google the person. “Expect to be googled” is something to always think about. This was the aspect of the article that jumped out at me most, because it is true among an audience or an employer. Self image is incredibly important.

  3. This post emphasizes how important it is to work toward a strong self-branding nowadays with the presence of the internet. I believe the most important part of this article is that everyone should expect to be Googled whenever you are applying for something, whether it be a job or maybe even just meeting someone for the first time. This is a very realistic aspect of landing a job that I don’t believe people take as seriously as they should. My favorite letter of the alphabet self branding advice is Q for quirkiness. I think its extremely important to show who or what you’re interviewing for that you are different because there must be an aspect about you that makes you stand out from all the other post-grad students with a college degree.

  4. Hubspot’s post offers a lot of excellent personal branding tips, but the one that stood out most to me was H for human. Scrolling through LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, many of the personalities that I follow feel like an assistant or intern is writing the posts–which they probably are–but this doesn’t feel authentic. I’ve found that the most human-feeling people to follow are those like Cindy Gallop on LinkedIn, because she shares articles multiple times a day, but also offers her own opinions with them. Her personal brand values feminism and defying the status quo, so she not only shares articles that contribute to those, but also adds her own ideas to her posts.

  5. Self branding is extremely important, especially for business students. No matter how you look at it, we are all small fish in a big ocean. I appreciate the tips offered by hubspot, and I think now is the time to begin differentiating yourself from the rest of the students competing for the same jobs. Networking is extremely important, but also putting in the time to receive certifications such as the CFA, CPA, CFP, CHP etc. These could also further differentiate students from others around them, and allow them to enter the work place with useful knowledge to give them an edge in projects they contribute to.

  6. Self branding is definitely extremely important when landing a job and becoming increasingly important and increasingly more detrimental nowadays than ever before with the availability of simply googling someone and being able to browse their online profiles and judge them on the basis of their posts. A few decades ago, before the overwhelming popularity of social media, one’s personal life was kept separate from their work and was a minor aspect of the hiring process. Nowadays, one’s online presence is judged when applying for jobs, colleges, scholarships and even is judged by others when looking for a roommate, when using online dating services and countless other social scenarios. Therefore, it is important for everyone to think about self-branding and it is unfortunate that so many people overlook how their online presence and social media profiles may affect their daily lives and how they are perceived by others.

  7. This is probably the most crucial factor in today’s date to get a job because of the intense competition. Googling is one thing that goes side by side, employer googles about the potential employee and the candidate googles about the company if it’s not that famous. I tried googling my name and the first link that came up was LinkedIn and that goes to tell you how important that thing is. We must always be aware about what’s the most distinctive feature that separates us from the rest and that’s our USP.

  8. Starting in middle school, I have always been taught the importance of maintaining a positive image of yourself, especially with the emergence of social media. My parents have made sure that I maintain clean social media accounts and I will never give a potential employer a reason to look past me due to something that they discovered on the internet. Personal privacy is diminishing due to social media and this makes it even more important to maintain positive self-branding.

  9. The concept of self-branding is an important one, no matter what field one wants to go into. This coming year, I have to apply to medical school and so need to make sure that the “selfbrand” I portray on paper is the same brand medical schools will see of me online when they google my name. I think people are becoming a bit too lax today about what they post on the internet; even though social media use is very common, it is still a source of information for potential employers/ schools on you and can hinder or help you from getting a job or into a certain school.

  10. It is incredibly important to manage your self-brand. Social Media can be a huge determinant of whether you get a job or not. Sure, employers are not “supposed to” look at personal social media feeds, but who would stop them. Workers do the same thing when trying to decide what company they might like to be employed by. Keeping a professional image across all platforms is incredibly important if you are looking to be employed by a high quality company. I Googled myself and found my Facebook Page and Linkedin Page which reminded me of how I should continue to build my brand on these platforms to better reflect myself and my interests.

  11. First impressions continue to be paramount in this day and age, and the easiest way to turn off a potential partner is by incorrectly branding oneself. To that extent, one great way to maintain your self-brand is to be consistent, whether it be a username or a profile picture, these are the forward facing handles which reflect your persona. In the same way consumers shop for products, business consumers may shop around for employees, in which case, you become the product.

  12. This is a great post because in todays world many individuals post everything about their life online for the world to see and that might not be he greatest idea if looking to work in a professional field. “Expect to be googled” should go through every students head before posting something online that might be controversial to some. This year i had numerous interviews and saw the importance of self branding, you need employers to like you and you’re work ethic. They don’t want to search your name on google and see you chugging beers and partying. The way i branded myself on linked-in is how i want to be seen on all social media platforms, as a college student trying to work in wealth management when i graduate.

  13. I like the use of the phrase “self-branding” since it shows that a person must make themselves stand out and be unique like a certain brand is. As someone looking for jobs and internships, I find it very difficult to show myself as unique over a resume or the internet as opposed to a face to face interaction. However, these tips are unique and can truly distinguish oneself from another.

  14. It is so important to “self-brand” because of how much everyone looks up people on the internet. Especially when going in for a interview they are most likely looking you up after to see who you really are. I think a important Self-Branding tool is Link-in. This is show the employer all the good things about yourself and the important things they need to know about your work skills.

  15. I think one of the lessons I really learned from marketing major is that you really need to know how to market yourself. This post is very relatable and inspiring, especially for internet dwellers these days. Self-image is not build in a day, accumulated subsequent work has to be done gradually. Just as companies managing their brand image both online and offline, individuals are also requested to maintain and improve their personal brand and reputation. Some tips are interesting, and I like the ‘Q’ one, that some quirks can sometimes distinguish you from others and it depends on how you say it, how you position it.

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