Digital consumers can be quite demanding. Below are two valuable resources for us to better understand digital shopping and to learn how to better act in serving these customers.
First, click on the image to access “The Digitally Demanding Consumer: 2016 Consumer Trends Report” by Kibo (a unified omnichannel commerce solutions company).

Next, take a look at the infographic from .

Shopatron The Digitally Demanding Consumer

5 Replies to “Consumers Quite Demanding with Digital”

  1. I think it’s a really interesting article. The reason that made me interested in this article is that I am taking digital analytics class this semester and I am doing really well in that so it was really fun to learn those stats compared between USA and UK. Loved the comparison between these two nations!

  2. Interesting article! I’m one of the people that prefer shopping online than go to store, and I love to have my items shipped on the next day, but not crazy enough to get it in the same day. One of the most interesting thing is, the land of US is lager than the UK, but so many American people want to get the items on the same day! Besides, I thought China would be the largest online retail market, but it is UK! We can see people are so enjoy and crazy about online shopping nowadays! 🙂 Love this article

  3. This seems like a win for team USA because I assumed we would be one of the most demanding digital countries of all. England is more demanding in digital commerce and somehow is able to spend less on shipping.

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