Interested in becoming an entrepreneur? The potential may be great; but the risks may be high too. Below, you will find an entrepreneur’s quiz.

We have posted several times on entrepreneurship, such as:

Now, here is a quiz for YOU to take. Do YOU have the right stuff to be an entrepreneur? The quiz is by Steve Strauss, writing for TheSelfEmployed.Com:

“Ask yourself: Does the idea of leaving your job and paycheck and benefits frighten you more or excite you more? Excitement and fear are my beginning criteria because starting a business is not for everyone and you better be darned sure that you will like it before risking a lot of time, money and your  reputation on a new idea. But let’s drill down a little deeper. To help, I have created a short quiz. It will help you evaluate your qualifications. (But please, as you answer, be honest with yourself. It doesn’t help you at all to get an answer ‘right’ if it really is not true for you.)”

Click the image to access the quiz!

5 Replies to “Can YOU Cut It as An Entrepreneur?”

  1. When i finish the quiz, the answer is interesting. Maybe it shows that i am the right stuff to be an entrepreneur. However, to be honest, i don’t want to be a entrepreneur or an innovator. It is very hard to find a real innovation or keep being a successful entrepreneur a long time, so especially in current time, i should do well what i can do after that thinking about what i dream to do.

  2. This article was interesting to read because it realistically implies the idea of being an entrepreneur. Rather than a textbook definition, the following made me understand what has gone through entrepreneur’s thoughts at some point. I also thought it was interesting how to quiz was directed more towards the individual rather than generic definitions of the position. It really put the job title and what needs to be thought about into perspective.

  3. Becoming an entrepreneur is a very risky challenge that anyone will go through. But like businessmen say the more risk you take the more profit you should expect to gain. It is very hard to find the right idea to know exactly if your product designed is good enough for people to buy them. Is the stimulation worth it on your product? You may have to think about all of this through for a better result. Also you will be spending so much money on the process of creating your products. So it is important to get the right thing so people can buy your products in order for you to make money from it.

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