One marketing career track — in product management — is gaining popularity at many MBA/MS programs (including the graduate course in product innovation and management at Hofstra’s Zarb School of Business).

Recently, Lindsay Graham — for the Wall Street Journal — wrote “Coveted Job Title for MBA.s: Product Manager.” Consider this from Graham’s article:

“So much for buyout titans. The current crop of MBA students has a new dream job: Product manager. More business-school students are setting their sights on tech company product-management roles, which combine elements of marketing, design and problem-solving, students, faculty and recruiters say. Leading a product like UberEats, Uber Technologies Inc.’s food-delivery service, or Amazon Prime, home to Inc.’s streaming content, marries business strategy with ‘the thrill of building a thing,’ said Tom Eisenmann, a Harvard Business School professor and faculty co-chairman of the school’s Rock Center for Entrepreneurship.”

“Product managers conduct market research, propose a prototype, test it, coordinate design and engineering efforts, and market the final version. Early-career product managers can typically expect to earn in the low six-figures; the national average salary for the position is $111,650, according to job site Glassdoor Inc.

Click the image to read more of the WSJ article.

M.B.A. students Meghan Servello, left, and Rachel Flynn at Cornell Tech, Cornell University’s New York technology campus, last month. PHOTO: KHOLOOD EID FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL


5 Replies to “Product Management: A HIGHLY Rated Career Track”

  1. This is a new career field for the MBA students, however, business school does have product management, but not how to become a successful product manager in detail. Therefore, people need to gain more experience at work and for sure it will be a new trend in building career goals I believe.

  2. Product management is an emerging career field recently, most of the MBA students have taken the product related courses I believe, however, they need to gain more experience at more if they want to find out how to become a successful product manager.

  3. I have attended the graduate course in product innovation and management. It is indeed a very useful one, i learn the whole product process. I think there are two obstacles for product management. The first one is that how to continue to get new idea and launch valuable products which can occupy a enough niche market. Another one is that how to prolong the product life as much as possible. For example, having a longer develop and mature periods than the competitive products.

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