There a lot of FREE online resources for innovators & entrepreneurs. We have published several posts on innovation (such as 1, 2, 3, 4).

The BMGI consulting company provides a number of free resources, including these:

Here’s a BMGI video on innovation.


4 Replies to “Resources for Innovators and Entrepreneurs”

  1. These online resources for innovators & entrepreneurs are very important, we always can discover some new point or be enlightened by some existing resources, which maybe difficultly and expensively to find. In these all kinds of resources, i think the videos may get more attention, but the success stories have the least value, because almost all these stories just propagate the individual achievements of CEO and founders.

  2. The free resources provided are very useful for innovators and entrepreneurs because some of the information might not have been easily accessed. These informations tends be very useful for people starting up new businesses to assess the market, or find out the demand, without doing an entire market research which will be very costly.

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