As we plan our future career moves, it is essential to be aware of trends in the job marketplace. For example, what skills should we expect employers to desire in the year 2020?

Consider these observations from YouTern:

“Drivers of change are all around us. A globally connected world, the ability to scale a brand based on a social media post, cross cultural conversations, and a new reliance on digital communication all mean we need to evolve past our industrial age educations and mindsets about work. Welcome to the Social Age.

“As a result, the skills we will be expected to wield just a few years from now – as shown in this marvelous infographic from may look far different than they do now. How skilled are you at social intelligence? How’s your new media literacy? How good are you at virtual collaboration? These are the skills that will be most in demand, and very soon.”

Take a close look at the infographic, and then think ahead.

Important Work Skills for 2020


30 Replies to “What Job Skills Will Be Most Important in 2020?”

  1. This is very insightful and a good glimpse into the future. This is good for people who are my age and younger because we will get a job easier since we are computer literate as well as well adapted to how to use social media as outlets. This is not good for people who are older and do not know how to use social media and technology. These wanted work skills will cause older people to be pushed out of their jobs and younger ones will replace them. I suppose there will be work shops for people who are older, but odds are likely that they will not be able to learn these new skills as quick as the younger ones do.

  2. I appreciated that this article was applicable to myself, as a pre-medical student. While many factors of business and marketing are extremely valuable to the medical industry, certain things – such as social media accessibility – are less important to our current physicians. While there is certainly the possibility for that to change, as of right now doctor’s twitters and instagrams are not used as a way to promote their practice. However, the graph in which social intelligence and novel and adaptive thinking were categories was extremely relevant to doctors. Social intelligence in particular is vital, as medicine is quickly needing to change to cater the needs of social epidemics.

  3. The future work skills that are shown are interesting and acceptable. I believe social intelligence will be the hardest to obtain because of the fact that technology has made communication simply defined by words. There is a lack of realtime reactions and emotions that makes having a deep connection almost impossible.

  4. It comes as no surprise that work skills in the job market are soon to change in the coming years. With all this new technology, people are going to start having to become more tech savvy. It also helps to know that change in skills is coming. This change might help you decide what career field you might wanna go into. If your entrepreneur, and your business needs technology to help it run, it would be smart to double major or minor in IT.

  5. This article is very insightful in that the world is changing significantly. People need to be able to know how to use a computer any other technological devices in order to compete in the real world. In the past companies, could recorder all their information on paper, but it seems in today’s world, everything is based through a computer, and people can make sales and keep important data on their computer. As the world changes, people looking for jobs need to adapt.

  6. I agree strongly with longevity of employees and smart machines and systems as the reason behind change because first technology is consistently changing, I would argue for the better with new fields like information technology and computer systems. Second the longevity feature allows employees to work for longer and more efficiently improving business. New media literacy is also important to progress in this day in age not only do you need to know what is going on around the world but you need to know about how people act and the cultural norms found in media everyday.

  7. I agree with this article. It is very insightful and shows us how the world is changing. People of todays age are very technological savy which will give you an upper hand in the business world. It will definitely be easier for todays generation to find jobs. Also, the older generations will be pushed out of the work field and people of younger generations will fill in those spots because younger people are more technological while older people stick with paper and pen. With a very insightful look onto future jobs this article is important for every college student to read. You never know one might change their major to adapt to todays world.

  8. I agree with this article because todays generation is more focused on what is new and what will be popular. Technology is always changing and people need to keep up with the change to be able to get jobs. However, the one thing technology will hinder on job hunting is their social interaction with other people because society will only know how to talk to people through technology and not face to face.

  9. I agree with this article. With a technology continuing to improve job skills are likely headed to a more social emphasis. Being able to work computers, be socially smart and having a transcendentally base of knowledge are the skills I most agree with.

  10. I believe that most of these “skills” are already very important in todays world. Also, I believe that it’s kind of obvious that with new emerging technology the need for people who have an understanding of such technology will be increased. So it would be a good idea to keep up to date with whats happening in technology and stay on top of your tech skills because thats what people will need to have in order to be successful.

  11. Markets will only get more globalized as the years pass. Many countries are finding their niche in the global economy, becoming manufacturing powerhouses or mass consumers. With this comes the need to “operate in different cultural settings”. Very relevant post.

  12. I agree with the article’s sentiment for the most part that these skills will be most important in 2020, but here is my “devil’s advocate” counter offer:
    Are you saying these skills aren’t emphasized today, because I ruddy well see them almost everywhere I go, even ignoring Richard Florida’s “Creative Classes.”

    Social intelligence: ability to connect with others in a deep and direct way. Even if you are in IT, stuck in the back all the time, don’t tell me you never had to tell someone about the bug you found or the latest fix you had to clear up. That requires social intelligence.
    Novel and Adaptive Thinking: Proficiency at thinking and coming up with solutions beyond which is rule based. Okay, this is going to take a bit of thinking of our own, but are you really saying everything is followed to the T? Innovation in firms can be grassroots, and often is, and if we all followed rules like little worker drones, we wouldn’t be able to report complaints as easily as they arose, or errors in the system, or how to correct those errors.
    These all require skills that the article says are going to be in demand, possibly more so and in different magnitudes in 2020, but I argue they are in demand TODAY, and have been in demand in the PAST.

    In the interest of a character limit, I must stop short.

  13. This is super important and relevant being that as a sophomore, I will be graduating around this time, 2017. The characteristic that I noticed the most was a persons ability to recognize and comprehend ‘new media literacy.’ I feel that this is going to be EXTREMELY important, being that we are currently a part of a technological revolution where new technologies and advancements are being discovered regularly. In the work place, individuals who are able to wrap their minds around these new forms of mass media and use them to produce a message and reach consumers will be most successful in my opinion!

  14. This article was very insight being that, as the job-seekers of the future, I find it essential to know what is expected of us to get ahead. That being said though, it almost comes as no surprise when looking at what the future work skill requirements are. In a world already almost fully based off technology, it makes sense that future employees would need to be not only knowledgeable about technology, but a step ahead of the products that do so much of the work now. Technology has changed the workforce, and that means employees of the future must have skills that set them beyond what a computer can already do for an employer.

  15. This is a very interesting article, and some points in it are very instructive and insightful. I think everyone should pay some attention to job skills. These kinds of skills may not only helpful when we’re seeking jobs in the future, but also very useful when dealing with our personal lives. To get a glance of which direction the world are heading to, to be more positive to lead your own life.

  16. In all the future work skills of 2020 mentioned by this article, i find a interesting one-sense making, which is ability to determine the deeper meaning or significance what is being expressed, and the article implied the smart machine is the driver. However, i think the precondition of the smart machines being the driver is human intelligence, which about how people understand the future and how people to use these smart machine. If employees can’t realize change and development deeply,the smart machine doesn’t make sence, because they can’t change the world as a good trend by itself.

  17. In my experience, these concepts are stressed all of the time throughout various Business Courses at Hofstra University. It’s vital that going into the business world as new graduates we are prepared to function in a very diverse and innovative work environment. I think the most important things are Cross Cultural flexibility, and basic knowledge of technology. Without those two things, it will be very difficult to function in the business world. It’s crucial to place an emphasis on efficiency, effectiveness and innovativeness. This infographic provides great insight and is a great way to visualize what is expected of graduates moving into the working world.

  18. With the advancement and the progression of technologies, this change in relying more on technologies to cater our needs as well as enhancing the quality of our work while reducing in the time engaging in it is definitely inevitable. So for our current generations, we are progressing and learning in a much more speedy pace compare to the last generation but at the same time, we are also less attach to the technological gadgets compare to the next generation, so we pretty much get the best out of both because we understand that certain things cannot be taken over no matter how advance technologies are such as communication and human interactions, which is the public speaking skills. At the meantime, we are using technologies to less our work burden by speeding up the process and ensures accuracy as well as making our learning procedures easier. But nevertheless, we have to equip ourselves with these skills in order to compete with others.

  19. This is a very interesting article, and some points in it are very instructive and insightful. And I believe that people should pay more attention to the skills they learn in college. As Markets will only get more globalized as the years pass.

  20. This is a cool graphic especially to students who will be out in the workforce in 2020. Transdisciplinary is interesting, because with all of these technological advances, it is important to be able to understand concepts across different platforms.

  21. Really interesting to learn expected skills required four years down the line. Especially for graduating students like us, who are about to begin our careers. It will be mesmerizing to see how lives and career paths change over the years pretty quickly and I think keeping these little important points in mind would be quite helpful.

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