Budgeting is a key tool when devising and implementing a marketing strategy. It helps in deriving sales forecasts, allocating resources, monitoring cash flow, evaluating performance, and a lot more. So, are YOU setting and monitoring your budgets as optimally as possible?

To assist us, HubSpot has just published How to Manage Your Entire Marketing Budget [Free Budget Planner Templates].” EIGHT free templates are available by clicking here. [Note: (1) A free signup is required. The download is a zip file that must be opened.]

  1. Master Marketing Budget Template
  2. Product Marketing Budget Template
  3. Content Budget Template
  4. Paid Advertising Budget Template
  5. Public Relations Budget Template
  6. Branding & Creative Budget Template
  7. Web Site Redesign Budget Template
  8. Event Budget Template


Read more about each template by clicking the image.


8 Replies to “How to Do Better with Marketing Budgets”

  1. Budgeting is an important skill set to have in life. In regards to marketing budget, it is important to have a firm understanding of how to work within your budget. These templates allow for maximum understanding and provide useful guidelines and tool to keep your marketing budget on track. In a world like todays, marketing is extremely important because there are many competitors and it can be a major leveraging point or differentiation point between you and your competitor.

  2. This collection of templates is extremely useful in a world where budgeting is so very important. Even small, minuscule purchases can add up to a large amount very quickly, and these budgeting templates provide a useful resource to help manage oneself. Staying organized is a great way to improve efficiency.

  3. Budgeting is not only a skill just for marketing. A business as a whole should have some kind of budgeting plan or else businesses will become broke very fast. These templates, I believe are pretty useful because it helps in an aspect of something that every business should have.

  4. Budgeting is extremely important in everyday life, not just in marketing. This article gives alot of useful tips for how to go about budgeting and what you need to look out for when making business decisions or even life decisions.

  5. This is a great way to make sure you keep your budget where you want to be. I need one of these because I enjoy spending money. I could spend money like its water. I enjoy shopping but especially during the holidays I try not to spend as much because if I do spend a lot I will go overboard. Shopping for presents is a lot of fun but this budgeting plan would really help me. I love this idea.

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