8 Replies to “Reminder: Know When a “Sale” Is Really a Sale”

  1. when shopping for the sale during the holiday season it is very important to have an accurate idea what the going rate for a given product is. Many phone apps are available to cross check a stores listed price as compared to the internets price for a given product. When a item is listed as being “on sale” it is smart to check the price against other venders via the use of a smart phone. In addition to avoiding be sucked into false sales by checking the price of a given product online many suppliers such as walmart and best buy offer a price match guarantee. The moral of the story is it pays to compare prices even if an item is listed as “on sale.”

  2. When shopping in sales, only a few a people stop and realize that nothing is being given away, the company is profiting from you as always, the only different is that most of the times you are buying items or services that you don’t need, therefore is extremely important as a consumer to differentiate between what we need and what is being offered for sale.

  3. I always enjoy analyzing “sale”offers that stores advertise to see whether or not they are actually a sale. People fail to realize that a lot of these advertisement are just a way to trick them into making a purchase that would save them money, when in fact it isn’t. I admit I have fallen victim to a few of these false sales before. Definitely something to keep an eye on during future purchases.

  4. When I shop and see a sale, I always wonder if it is actually a sale. i could see an item for like $4 and be on “sale”, but another store has it for less. Stores try to cater the customer and do all these things to attract them, but in the end they just want to make money. So they use tricks to make consumers buy their products. I think people should be more tentative when they shop or else they could potentially be ripped off.

  5. Having personally worked in retail, I’ve seen first hand what sales really are. The price of an item is usually marked way over its value, and when a few people buy it they mark the price down and advertise it as a sale. Therefore they get to sell the product for extremely high, and then when they want to get rid of it they sell it for extremely low a few months later.

  6. there are many sales happening but lately if I knew I could get something cheaper, I did a price match and would ask them at the desk if they could lower it for places like amazon. Some said they were willing to lower the price while others did not. I would not buy anything that is not on sales during this time because you can find so many great deals that it is almost impossible to pass up the offer.

  7. many people buy things just because they are on sale even if not needed with the term sale being used loosely. the word sale attracts people and gets their attention even if they are not looking for sales or the item on sale is actually not really on sale. hidden charges and prices are often added in and there may be different brands of the same product that are cheaper than the sales. Sales are a fun way for marketers to make people think they are saving money when they actually may be not. I try and succeed most of the time in falling into this trap.

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