As we know, managing inventory properly can possibly make or break a firm’s sales and profit goals. So, companies should be as efficient and accurate as possible in their inventory management efforts.  Nonetheless, many organizations rely on physical inventory counts done by humans, which can result in errors.

With that in mind, consider the new Tally automated system, from Simbe Robotics:

“Tally is the world’s first robotic autonomous shelf auditing and analytics solution. The solution consists of one or more mobile robots that can autonomously traverse large brick-and-mortar retail environments to capture, report, and analyze the state and availability of merchandise and help ensure compliance with the store’s planogram [planned layout of merchandise] – the ideal placement of products on shelves in order to maximize sales. Tally performs the repetitive and laborious tasks of auditing shelves for out-of-stock items, low stock items, misplaced items, and pricing errors. Tally operates safely during normal store hours alongside shoppers and employees.”

Take a look at the YouTube video to learn more about Tally.


15 Replies to “Will Tally Be a Winner for Inventory Management?”

  1. This is the future, ladies and gentlemen! But, I hate this idea. There are so many small glitches in computers that will definitely cause problems. This machine could undercount, overcount, accidentally recount, and all around cause problems. Also, this is taking away jobs! Sure, no one necessarily wants to be the “stock keeper”, but this is taking away from the teenager that needs gas money, or the old lady that wanted an easy part-time job to pass some of her day away. You may read my opinion and say I’m over exaggerating, but this is just the start–first it’s a machine that keeps count of inventory, then its a machine that runs everything else in the store and there are no jobs for us anymore.

  2. I think Tally will be the Winner for Inventory Management,Scientific and effective management has greatly increased the efficiency

  3. Tally has a lot of potential! Especially around the holiday seasons as every retailer has a concern about inventory levels and employees are constantly making efforts to maintain the proper inventory levels. Working for a start up I see how this could be extremely beneficial, even without having a brick and mortar store. As a company who deals with tech accessories, it would be extremely helpful for companies to have a better idea of inventory levels. The only concern would be reliability and if there are ways to adjust the counting strategy to accommodate the stores presentation.

  4. If Tally is truly capable of everything that was shown in the video, we’re likely looking at the innovation that will supersede many workers in this industry. An automated auditing system reduces the need for workers, as it can do the job with a potentially lower margin of error. With this innovation, I am curious to see how many stores will begin using this product and the effects it will have in the job market for people who work in these stores.

  5. I think Tally will be the Winner for Inventory Management,Scientific and effective management has greatly increased the efficiency.Although much less flexibility program than artificial, but less rigorous error, very suitable for this kind of work

  6. I personally think this is a great idea. With something as technologically advanced as Tally there is less room for error in the inventory department. Being an employee in a store, entails in having many tasks, and often employees do not have time to complete these tasks. That’s where Tally comes into play; a technologically advance item designed to help employees, and designed to eliminate the many errors that come with tracking inventory.

  7. I think this is a great idea and wouldn’t be surprised if stores state using Tally. It will eliminate costs of labor an improve accuracy. I don’t think this should be used during the day. It should be used when the store is not in operation with customers walking around because I think it will get in the way. If it were used at night it could evaluate all inventory overnight and then have a report ready in the morning of what needs to be either put on shelves or ordered. It is amazing to see where technology is going, as time goes on more and more jobs will be replaced by newer, cheaper, and more accurate technology.

  8. I really like the idea of Tally. I think it could greatly help inventory management, but there are few drawbacks to this. The biggest one would be the loss of a job. In the world today, robots are taking over the labor force, so another job lost will hurt another person. Another drawback is that it is technology. Technology is never perfect because the people who created said technology are not perfect. There will most likely be glitches and problems along the way with tally which could be a nuisance. The last drawback is that if there is rush hour in the store and there are a huge amount of people, Tally could get in the way of the shopping carts and cause “traffic” in the store.

  9. I think the Tally is a great idea and is something that has a lot of potential to be seen in tons of stores. The Tally shows how far technology has come throughout the years. The problem is going to be if the Tally become a more and more popular, then there is going to not be a need for workers in stores.

  10. In theory this seems like a great idea, but I feel there could be some issues if it glitches. If a customer accidentally drops a liquid near Tally, it could ruin the machine. This would also possibly cause people to lose their job, which is good for the store but not for the worker.

  11. Tally is a great service robot design to reduce workforce but I don’t think it’s necessary. In vending machine we already have similar sensor to report product problems like “out of stock”, which cost lot less. It can even increase traffic and shopping cart jam. I think the idea of monitoring robot can be used in restaurant business better to inform waiter/waitress to refill drinks and take away plates.

  12. Tally can be a great thing and can always make sure that supplies are stocked. This can check if they are low out of inventory and is the most efficient way to checking if supplies are still available or out of inventory. This idea of monitoring robots can be great but the only downside is that it puts employees out of business. This creates less jobs for people who have families and work I restaurants and supermarkets. If they can find a way to not cut back on employees I think this is a great idea!

  13. The inventory directly affects company’s margin and net income, so a good inventory system is crucial to the success of company. Tally is a robot that can collect the product’s data and arrange the categories, more important it is effective and accurate. I think Tally works but it is limited in few industries like retail industry. Like in supermarket, Tally might help to find products that out-of-stock items, low stock items, misplaced items, and pricing errors, those are necessary for retail industries.

  14. I think this is a good idea if your store is swamped like a Costco, Wal-Mart, Target type store. Otherwise, it’s a bad idea because its going to eliminate so many jobs for workers. I used to work at Duane Reade and we would get busy quite frequently but when it was a slow part of the day and the store was already faced, doing what Tally did made my day go by rather than to stand and do nothing or pretend I’m facing the store again.

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