Once again, we have seen some horrific events take place somewhere in the world. This time it was Paris. Next time, it could be ____. Nonetheless, after some sad reflection when a tragedy occurs, we usually return to our normal lives.
Here is a nice YouTube montage of tributes around the globe from the Wall Street Journal. It takes an inspiring perspective to such a negative event. The images are from Getty Images.



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  1. This was very emotionally moving. This whole tragedy in France, as I’m sure with many people, has brought my mind back to the attacks on 9/11. I remember seeing a picture on the internet that read, “Today, we are all Americans.” Well, this weekend we were all French. It is so extremely heart warming to see all of these countries supporting France in this time, and although I didnt see it in the video, it was also very warming to see the empire state building in the French flag colors as well.

  2. This tragedy has sparked much debate on social media and anger towards those responsible, however it is genuinely awe-inspiring to see the entire world come together in such a time. Simple acts, such as lighting up landmarks in the French national colors, can inspire hope to those who need it most, and I believe that is crucial in moments of tragedy and heartbreak.

  3. The attack on Paris, France was a tragedy that I am sure no one will forget. For many people, this weekend caused an unchangeable shift in the course of their lives. I feel an immense amount of empathy for the families/friends who lost someone, and it is my hope that Paris will continue to be the lively city that it is and was. Senseless violence will never make sense, but neither does Islamphobia. While this random event reminds some of the 9/11 attack, it also reminds others, particularly Muslims, of the targeted hate and abuse they received (for OVER a decade) due to the actions that do not even represent their faith. Not only do I hope that people around the world are able to adequately cope, but also that the neutral Muslim followers are not attacked/blamed.

  4. The world needs to come together in times of tragedy. I am sure that like many other horrific events that have occurred in history this isn’t one that will be easily forgettable. This tribute was very moving, very inspiring and it makes me glad to see the world come together.

  5. It is important to not let terrorism bring people to a halt from living their daily lives. By showing support for France, other countries are showing that they are not going to let terrorism negatively influence them. I think that it is important for the world to show disdain for what happened in France, to stand tall against terrorism, and to keep moving forward. Not only does terrorism emotionally scare individuals, but it also affects economies especially in regard to tourism. As a student studying abroad for my Spring 2016 semester, I definitely have some reservations in the back of my head following Friday’s attacks, but for myself, and for the world, it is important to move forward and not let terrorism influence our decisions.

  6. Seeing all of these nations showing their solidarity with France after the attacks in Paris is very moving. To know that we can come together and come out stronger after tragedies like this is very emotional. We must also remember that Paris is not the only city that was affected by terrorism. We must be aware that there are bombs going off in Baghdad and that there is a war happening in Syria where so many innocent people have lost their lives.

  7. This is a moving video and displays the unity we all have in time like this. Different countries lighting monuments in the colors of the flag of France shows that the whole world is thinking about them and feels for what they are going through. No one wants to see others getting hurt, especially by terrorists. It is important for France to act on this situation and for different countries to help them in ending this problem before it becomes more widespread and a bigger issue. It would be a shame to see any more innocent lives lost to these attacks anywhere in the world.

  8. I think this is a pretty amazing video because it shows how many countries are showing the support for a country who has just suffered a huge loss. The only problem I have with this is that, France was not the only one suffering, there were other attacks in the world and even an earthquake in Japan. Granted that France had the most losses, I feel like the world should support the world and not just a country. I am still deeply sorry for the losses in France and the other countries who suffered as well.

  9. The video is vital in showing how when something as terrible as this happens, we come together. Social media influences a lot of biased opinions regarding this tragedy. Media is very powerful in what they show and dont show. By keeping our minds open and living in a cautious world we can overcome and prevail. We live and learn and with that we can see and prevent this from happening. By picking ourselves up after each fall we can overcome this monstrosity they call ISIS.

  10. This video was very moving. The attacks in Paris was horrific. It just an example of how terrible the world can be and how in one second, your life can end just like that. My heart goes out to all of the people in Paris as all New Yorkers know firsthand how your lives can change forevor. The way other nations showed their support to Paris was like when they showed their support to Americans after 9/11. This video shows how the world can come together when Paris needs them the most.

  11. It is nice to see that even with all of the horrible things that go on in the world, people are still able to come together and be supportive of other countries in time of need. The whole situation in France really makes you think about all you have in life and how in a moment it could all disappear.

  12. Immediately upon hearing these attacks i was reminded of the 9/11 attacks. Things like this remind us all that the world can be a scary place and that your whole life can change in an instance. Sometimes though, good things can come out of tough times like this in that an entire nation, or even world can be brought closer together to help those in need.

  13. It is nice to see that people, regardless of nationality or ethnicity, can come together and support others in time of need. The image made up of the peace symbol and the eiffel tower represents unity and #prayforparis represents our prayers for the victims’ families. The image went viral and this shows that a mass majority of the people do care.

  14. This was honestly one of the most shocking things I did not see coming in world disasters besides 9/11. It’s extremely unfortunate that events like this happen as the people did not deserve to be killed. I love how the world has become unified to mourn for the victims of the Paris attack and the different types of tributes around the world to acknowledge them are astounding. One great thing about social media is that it rallies people together and show that people do care about worldly disasters that are happening. My condolences are out to those victims and I will keep them in my prayer

  15. It gives me chills (in a good way) of how the world comes together in times like these, to show support to those affected by the tragedy. The lighting of landmarks simply shows how we are there for one another, no matter the circumstances. If one country is affected, we all are affected. Also, I am one who believes that ISIS needs to be stopped directly in their tracks no matter what we have to do to save a majority of innocent lives. In doing so, I believe we will stop these attacks from happening and therefore less people shall be hurt. I hope that these victims have gained peace and their loved ones are in the most compassionate hands. Prayers to all.

  16. It is moving to see how in times of tragedy the world is able to come together and support one another. However, it is sad that it takes this large scale type of tragedy to shed light on the wrongdoings of ISIS. On a smaller scale, ISIS attacks affect people more often than we realize, such as on college campuses. I think that we need to continue to come together to stop ISIS directly before more blood is shed.

  17. Even though I hate seeing tragedies like the one in Paris, I love to see the world come together to support Paris in such a tragic time. Unfortunately, we should always be sharing the love, instead of waiting for something like this event to occur. It was also fascinating to see how it wasn’t even just European countries or countries surrounding France, but countries in other continents, like Mexico, Brazil, and Australia. What ISIS did was wrong it it is good for them to see that the world will stick together and support each other and will not tolerate their attacks.

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