For organizations and individuals who are interested in driving more traffic to their sites, understanding search marketing is quite important.

Consider the following observations and infographic on the state of search marketing from JBH, a British content marketing agency:

“Search marketing remains a priority for several brands, businesses, and industries. But how exactly can you achieve search engine prosperity and what can be done to improve your ranking? Well, in an attempt to answer these questions and other pressing issues, we have collaborated with Smart Insights and Similarweb to come up with an infographic that takes a closer look at The State of Search Marketing in 2015. So, if you’ve ever wondered whether PPC is more effective than SEO or want to find out the behavioral differences between mobile and desktop users, check out our infographic.”



2 Replies to “Are YOU Aware of the State of Search Marketing in 2015?”

  1. i always have interest in search marketing, but in fact , i did not realize the whole aspects of search marketing, and this article gives some new content to me. The most important one is that search ranking will affect our search results in turn visiting numbers of one website will strongly stimulate the development of one company, especially new brand company.

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