Universum is the global leader in employer branding. Annually, it conducts student surveys to determine their ideal employers. In Part 1 of our two posts on these surveys, U.S. undergraduate and MBA business student surveys were highlighted. In Part 2, global/foreign students will be highlighted.

The 2015 Universum World’s Most Attractive Employers– Business results are based on the responses of thousands of undergraduate and graduate students around the world.


First, take a look at the top 25 desirable employers as rated by business students around the world. Click the image to read more.

Universum 2015 -2


Now, click the links to access Universum’s listing of the most ideal employers for business students in many countries around the world. These rankings are not separated by undergraduate/graduate.

4 Replies to “Universum’s 2015 Top Employer Rankings: Part 2 — Global Students”

  1. I believe that is is very important that students give their point of view about their preference in current employments. They present the reality to the world on how their experience at their job is. Therefore, is very valuable that other students know where to turn their head into the future.

  2. Comparing this list with the list of most desirable companies for US business students, it’s interesting to me to see which companies remain highly ranked and which have gone up or down in the rankings. Although it seems obvious, I thought it was interesting that many of the companies with international headquarters went up in ranking, showing that from a global perspective, international companies are just as desirable as ones based in the United States.

  3. I noticed when looking at the US business students’ ideal employers that many of the companies were popular brands that have made a good reputation and were overall successful over the years. Companies such as Google, L’Oreal, and Apple were popular in other countries as well, such as Spain, Poland, and Australia. Not only have these companies made a good name for themselves in the United States, but all over the world. While reading these desirable employers, I thought about the endless opportunities these successful companies would bring to any employer, and how I would love to work for them as well.

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