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“Advertisers in the U.S. and Canada place a premium on social media and will ramp up paid spending on social networks 31.0% this year to pass $10 billion for the first time. Social network advertising in Asia-Pacific will total $7.40 billion, with Western Europe the third-largest region at $4.74 billion. The drop-off in spending to the other three major world regions is steep, with Latin America reaching only $680 million in 2015, while Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East and Africa lag further behind.”


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8 Replies to “Global Social Media Ad Spending Is Booming”

  1. Advertisers increasing spending on social networking sites is less than surprising. As consumers move into the digital age, more companies are seeing the opportunity that this is creating. Advertisements now plague webpages and social media websites in an attempt to capture the common web-surfer’s attention. Now, consumers don’t even have to leave their homes to be exposed to services and products. Advertisements are being mixed with personal content on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which has the ability to draw much more attention than conventional advertisements.

  2. Global social media spending increasing has become the new norm nowadays. With the increase in technology and people signing up for social media such as Facebook and twitter in only makes sense that businesses would spend their money to put their ads where people can see them. Now if someone is logged in on Facebook it’s almost certain that they’ll see your ad because its there. The marketing game has changed and its now become one with social media ads. There will be an even bigger increase in spending over the next couple of years.

  3. This is not surprising at all to me. The world is becoming more and more digital. Almost every person now a days has a smart phone and uses social media. Promoting adds on social media is going to better than promoting ads on TV soon enough. If you want to be a successful company it is important to spend money in the right areas and this would definitely qualify.

  4. The increase of advertising on social networks seemed like the inevitable future to me, as a large part of the world has made the move to a digital age. Social media has become part of the day-to-day lives of more and more people each day, making an increase in social media advertisement a smart move for advertisers. As an avid social media user myself, I can also see a distinct increase in the amount of advertisements appearing on newer forms of social media, like Instagram and Snapchat.

  5. I do not feel surprised at this blooming at all. People nowadays are strong associated with social media instead of TVs, newspaper and other media. If marketers neglect this change, they will suffer a big loss. I remembered that several years ago, when i watched a video on a Chinese video website “Youku”, I did not have to watch ads before watching the video, but now I have to watch an up to 2 mins ads before I watch the video. I think this is a way to benefit either the website runner, customers and marketers. So why not doing more ads on social medias?

  6. It has become the norm to log onto Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and instantly be bombarded with advertisements. For example, today I was notified on Twitter by Moe’s Southwest Grill that they are giving away free queso and chips all day. Of course that offer could not be passed up, and I used it as an excuse to not only get the free queso and chips, but also a burrito for dinner. This advertisement on social media brought in a lot of traffic to Moe’s, and potentially new consumers wanting to try their famous queso. In my opinion, it is smart for companies to continue to invest in global social media ad spending because of the flourishing popularity of social media among my generation.

  7. It is not surprising that each year an increasing amount of money is spent to advertise on social media. There are so many people with social media accounts, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, etc., that it makes sense to advertise on these platforms in order to reach maximum exposure. The diversity of social media platforms is immense, so there are countless ways to reach a target audience. For example, Tumblr focuses on personal blogging, whereas Instagram focuses more on photos. As a result, companies are able market products in a variety of ways. Companies are also able to target specific age groups since each social media network is geared towards different age groups. I think it is imperative that companies desiring to be successful advertise on these platforms.

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