How effective are a company’s public relations efforts? The answer to this question has become even more complex in this era of online viral marketing and word of mouth. It’s not enough to just count mentions, etc., as we did in the past.

According to Onboardly, a demand marketing agency that helps small and medium-sized companies fast-track visibility, brand awareness, and lead generation by working at the intersection where public relations, content marketing, and social media meet, to deliver marketing that gets results:

“PR is still a mystery to many. Press releases. How some make it onto TechCrunch and others with equally great products or stories remain unknown. Say the words ‘PR Metrics’ and you’ll get an even more quizzical face in response.”

“Some question the value of PR for their business and well. PR metrics are what demonstrate the need and the effectiveness for tactics such as earned media, influencer relations, content marketing, and good old-fashioned press mentions. We’re firm believers in the power of PR to make big things happen – no matter how small the company or the size of the budget.”

We’ve developed this infographic as a way to explain a bit behind what PR is as well as what it can do.”

PR Metrics That Matter

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  1. This infographic is very useful to both someone who is familiar with public relations tactics as well as to someone who is new to the industry. It does a great job, without being too technical, of explaining how to measure the success of certain outreach. I think one of the hardest aspects of PR or marketing is determining whether or not a campaign was successful. This article demonstrates how to measure success without having to be extremely experienced or having to possess a number of tools. It is also important to take this measure a step further, as stated in the article, and adjust content based on the outcomes that are found.

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