We Are Social is a global conversation agency located in Singapore, New York, London, Paris, Milan, Munich, Sydney, and São Paulo. It has put together an OUTSTANDING slideshow with “more than 350 infographics, including global snapshots, regional overviews, and in-depth profiles of 30 of the world’s largest economies.

Take a look at this slideshow.


4 Replies to “Internet, Social Media, and Mobile Usage Statistics from Around the Globe”

  1. I found it very interesting reading the statistics in this article. It just goes to show that soon enough, technology will be at every corner. Some people are on board with the use of the internet and furthering it’s efficiency. Other dislike the internet and believe it is poisoning kids mind with garbage. I personally feel that social media and the Internet has people to connect, become more informed, and learn than ever before. I look forward to seeing how the internet will continue to change our world in the upcoming years.

  2. This slide show is a great demonstration of how humanity is slowly relying more and more on technology to remain informed. I think that this is a positive thing. The internet can be found on many devices other than laptops and cell phones now a days – you can even access the internet on video games. Staying informed and being up to date with important news, controversies, and events whether it be where you are from, or in other parts of the world will enable society to become more aware and ultimately help us grow as a whole. With that being said usage of the internet and social media should be balanced, personally speaking. We should not become SO reliant on technology that we forget all of the wonderful things that the outdoors and outside world has to offer.

  3. I found this article very interesting. It depicts how technology has become such an integral part of society that some people rely on it for so much that it takes over their life. I believe that social media can help people connect with the world, but at the same time it takes over people’s life that it must be used in proportion in order to be used effectively.

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