Over the last several years, companies have become much more proactive about releasing buzz-worthy ads before the game and maximizing the online excitement, typically via YouTube.

So, what are going to be the winners in this year’s Super Bowl ad competition? And which of these ads can we watch before Sunday arrives?

As Lindsay Kolowich reports for HubSpot:

“So far, the lineup looks to be a combination of newcomers, like Skittles, and veterans, like Budweiser and Dove. And according to Cleveland.com, many of these companies are keeping their official ads secret until the Super Bowl — and instead, releasing ads for their ads. (How meta.) To prepare you for the Ad Bowl, we’ve rounded up the best ads and ad teasers that have been released thus far. Be sure to check back, as we’ll continue to add to this list as new teasers are released. So without further ado …” Click here to preview several 2015 Super Bowl TV ads.

And here’s the 2015 version of Budweiser’s very popular “puppy” ad from the 2014 Super Bowl. 🙂


8 Replies to “What’s Going to Be Hot at the Super Bowl? In Terms of Ads of Course”

  1. What I believe is going to be hot at the super bowl is the Kim Kardashian advertisement with T-Mobile. Marketing professionals released the video on youtube early to spark controversy about what she says in the advertisement and connecting to their social audience. In the advertisement she tells customers to save their gigabytes so they can follow her on Instagram and twister (as a joke I hope). I personally think this will be the most popular ad as Kim Kardashians fan base is rapidly growing especially with her new show keeping up with the Kardashians,

  2. After watching the super bowl, my favorite ad would be the Snickers commercial including a cameo from the Brady Bunch. It was great advertising on their part, taking a part of the old, but that anyone young or old can recognize( The Brady Bunch) and add a modern twist( the snickers bar). Snickers never disappoint viewers with their commercial how one can act like a different person because they are hungry for a snickers, but this one takes the cake. On another note, it’s funny how people who watch the super bowl watch for 2 reasons, the game itself, or the mysterious but comical commercials. I was one of those who watched the super bowl for the commercials.

  3. After watching the commercials during the Super Bowl (the only part I really watched) one in particular stuck out to me. First off, the Carnival Cruise Line commercial was the one that stuck out the most to me. With the narration of the powerful JFK talking about how people are connected to the sea helped to draw in parents and older people watching the Super Bowl to want to take a cruise since he is such an influential and convincing person. By talking about how people are connected to the sea and the captivating images from the ocean to the cruise ships it makes the people watching the commercial to want to go on a cruise. Even after watching this commercial it makes me want to go on a cruise again. I think this advertisement for Carnival is going to really help their business and it was a smart investment for them to make.

  4. This year my favorite commercial at Super Bowl is the one of Benz with rifacimento for the story’ The Tortoise and The Hare’. This is the most brilliant commercial I ever saw, considering that it not only keeps the two characters in this story but also cleverly adds the new element the Benz car to make up a renewed story. The old story which most people are familiar with in their childhood wakes up the memory of them and shortens the distance between the brand and consumers. The topic of sports race is also related to that of Super Bowl and creates the content of fast speed to the brand image of Benz. Therefore, to create a hot commercial with much attention in a hot event, marketers should try their best to relate the topic of the commercial to that event, which is the hot spot marketing strategy.

  5. Although it was a movie advertisement, my favorite commercial was TED 2. I didn’t find that many commercials good as compared to others in the past. The first TED movie was very funny and I expect the same for this movie. I’m disappointed that my favorite advertisement came from a movie ad.

  6. I was impressed by the amount of commercials this year that addressed real life issues. In particular, the Microsoft add featuring a child with prosthetic legs. I personally loved this ad because people with disabilities continue to be the largest, most underrepresented minority in the world. While Microsoft was advertising themselves as a brand, their representation of disabilities was extremely refreshing.

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