Congratulations to all of you who are about to embark on a new job. Now, it is important to do everything you can to excel at that job. Have you thought about this enough? Getting the job is just the start. This post contains both some dos and don’ts. The don’ts are presented first.

According to Yun Siang Long, writing for Careerealism, here are five DON’Ts for how to  behave at your new job:

  1. Having a ‘better than thou’ attitude — “No matter how skilled and how knowledgeable you are in your field, be humble. You are there to contribute, not make people feel bad about themselves.”
  2. Comparing the previous company to the present — “Frame your suggestions in a friendly manner. Comparing it to your previous company and saying how great it was will just hasten your career suicide.”
  3. Expecting respect and trust — “Respect needs to be earned and trust can only be gained through time and work quality. You have to work at it. This is a new company and you are only as good as your last project.”
  4. Being rude — “It’s bad enough that being rude anywhere will make you unwelcomed. It is worst if you are rude at your new workplace.”
  5. Disregarding the existing company culture and dynamics at the new job — “Every company has their culture and internal dynamics. Learn these cultures whether you like them or not, understand the internal dynamics that is at play. Do not be judgmental.”


Now, for five key DOs for how to behave at a new job from RedStarResume, as presented by Careerealism:


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  1. These points are very true and something to really keep in mind at all times. Interviewers definitely look for each one of those points especially being rude and having respect. People shouldn’t walk into an interview or job on their cell phone and disregarding the interviewer. These points are very helpful and useful when going into a new job

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