As we have discussed in numerous posts (click here, for example), the way we describe ourselves to others has a big impact on our success.

So, we should be very careful to not improperly use words, grammar, etc. that would adversely affect the way people think of us.

With this in mind, consider the “30 Incorrectly Used Words That Can Make You Look Bad,” as reported by Jeff Haden for Inc.. “Just like that one misspelled word that gets a resumé tossed into the ‘nope’ pile, using one wrong word can negatively impact your entire message.”

This is Haden’s list of 15 pairs of misused words. How many do YOU use improperly?

  1. Adverse and averse
  2. Affect and effect
  3. Criteria and criterion
  4. Discreet and discrete
  5. Elicit and illicit
  6. Farther and further
  7. Imply and infer
  8. Insure and ensure
  9. It’s and its
  10. Number and amount
  11. Precede and proceed
  12. Principal and principle
  13. They’re and their
  14. Who’s and whose
  15. You’re and your

To learn how to use these words correctly, click Joe Haden’s photo to read his full article.



2 Replies to “How the Wrong Words Can Hurt Our Self-Positioning Efforts”

  1. This list is helpful and something to keep in mind when looking for a job, success depend a lot on how you present yourself and its very important to always look out for small things like that as well as acting professional. A big problem of mine is grammar as well so a list like this could be very beneficial to me.

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