The Lego Movie has turned out to be quite a global phenomenon. Click the image to visit the movie’s Web site.

According to Box Office Mojo, through March 4, 2014, the movie had grossed $333,000 worldwide — $212 million in the United States and $121 million in foreign markets. And, unlike some other blockbuster movies that cost much more to make, The Lego Movie cost $60 million to produce, making it highly profitable.

But The Lego Movie mania goes far beyond the popularity of the film itself. There have been a lot of promotional tie ins (see this article, for example). And Toys “R” Us even set up special displays for Lego movie figures.

Separate and apart from the recent movie, there is also a Lego “YouTube Spotlight” with a number of “fan-made” videos based on Lego characters. Many of the videos preceded the introduction of the movie — nonetheless, they extend Lego brand recognition and continue to be highly viewed. The most popular Lego movie in the spotlight is Battle of the Brick: Built for Combat, which has been viewed nearly 17 million times.

All in all, it’s a great time for Lego.

[Note: The video below, Battle of the Brick: Built for Combat, is 27 minutes long.]


9 Replies to “Lego Mania Goes Viral”

  1. I have never met someone who doesn’t appreciate Legos. Everyone who was young when they came out, and even older and younger all find a way to experience legos. There are sculptures, figured, houses, architecture, models, and now a movie all inspired by Legos. One really awesome element to the Lego movie is that it is stop motion, making this movie, in my eyes, a bigger deal. Stop motion takes a great amount of time and although stop motion with Legos is relatively more simple than some stop motion films like Nightmare Before Christmas, it also takes a great deal of effort.
    Although I haven’t gone to the movies to see the Lego movie, I plan to see it as soon as it comes out on DVD to experience the big talk. Lego is a very well known company and the advertising and promotion techniques you listed all contribute to that factor.

  2. I would think that the lego movie was such a success because it was the first of its kind. So many people played with legos as kids and looked forward to seeing the lego movie. I wonder if future lego movies will be as successful or if people will get tired of seeing lego people instead for real people.

  3. I’m so used to the toys being made because of the movie. Star Wars actions figures came out after the movie, and then kids who loved the movie would get them after seeing the movie. But The Lego Movie was a movie based on toys, making it a kind of double promotions. The popularity of the toys already existed and advertised for the movie, and the movie just gave more attention to the toys. And the fact that fan made movies already existed just adds on to that, since Lego’s are perfect for stop-motion animation. The franchise may not have planned this when they made Lego’s, but it worked out perfectly for them.

  4. The Lego Movie was obviously going to get such a big spotlight. Who does not like legos? Legos was a very popular type of toy growing up and still is very popular. They are very fun and still are even as a young adult. Kids love toys that are made into movies. The movie just brought more attention to the company and people who once did not play with them probably went out and purchased them. I, as a young adult plan on visiting the movie theater as well to see the movie especially because it looks so good. Great job Legos Company !

  5. Legos have been a timeless toy. When I was younger I played with Legos and now my younger cousins play with them also. Legos have made a variety of sets out of countless movies like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc. It has built such a marketing base for young children that I’m not surprised that the movie is becoming such a hit. This movie is just drawing more attention to their company and increasing it’s popularity.

  6. I think it is impressive that the Lego movie was such a success. I have actually seen it twice. Once with children I babysat, once with friends and I loved it both times. The second time even more than the first. To be honest, the first time around I had really low expectations since I could not figure out how the movie would be better than other recent releases. But the fact that the company poked fun at itself at times, that it was lighthearted, and that it actually had a believable story from beginning to end, made me love it. I played with Lego building blocks since I was small and my only worry is that the company will move away from the traditional toy and focus only on video games. I hope children will be able to enjoy the toys for years to come. I know I still do.

  7. Legos are legendary and have been popular for generations. Creating this film was a brilliant idea since it continues the legacy of Legos while also marketing for its already existing product. This film just enhances the popularity of Legos and keeps them in the mind of consumers.

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