Last week, we wrote about how many firms are having trouble keeping up with social media (click here for that post). After reading this story, from contacted me about doing an interview on that subject.

This interview was published yesterday. As Levy Sarfin reports:

“Having a social media presence for your business is de rigueur today. Prevailing wisdom says that if you have not created profiles on popular social networks, you are missing a valuable opportunity. However, your brand’s mere presence on LinkedIn or Facebook is only the first step to attracting and retaining customers. Brands need to respond to consumers’ comments through social media channels to show they care about them and are interested in keeping their business. Dr. Joel Evans, professor at Hofstra University’s Zarb School of Business, explained why companies neglect this important relationship and how they can fix the problem.”

Click the image to read the interview. Thanks!!


6 Replies to “Ignoring Social Media at Your Peril”

  1. Even though when reading this it is hard to believe that social media has such a large pull on businesses,I have already started to notice that big companies such as Coke, and Mcdonalds have active social media accounts. It makes me wonder how big of a roll these media’s will play in the future.

  2. Soon, Social Media Departments will be a regular branch of Marketing Departments in most businesses. Computers might be able to be set to respond to frequently asked questions, but people will need to do most of the work and hunt to find the next big social media site. Facebook and Twitter will be replaced fairly soon if they don’t change completely.

  3. Social media impacts almost everything these days. Everyone is either tweeting, facebooking, and whatever else there is. Firms should’ve realized this awhile ago. On facebook, people can follow certain companies, like Coke, Pepsi, Dunkin Donuts, and etc. They need to be involved with their social media and keep up with it. The world we live in is formed around social media, it’s time to get with the program.

  4. Successful businesses adapt. In this social media age, businesses who market themselves through social media sites effectively will be able to reach a wider audience and create a bigger name. The fact is that if a business wants to advertise nowadays, websites such as facebook and linkedin should be some of the main tools used.

  5. Staying off the social media grid does nothing to businesses but hold them back. The internet is ubiquitous in our lives now. Even as I type this comment, I see that I have the ability to share it on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Social media helps spread information more quickly and cheaply. All it takes it a few keystrokes. Further, it is not as if no one is using these websites. People are constantly checking and rechecking for updates on social media sites. Having an account only helps spread the word about your company.

    1. Social Media is everywhere today. Almost everyone has smart phone, lab top, or ipad. Most people rarely leave home with out there phone. And most people like me check twitter, facebook, youtube ect. daily. I think it is a very effective marketing tool for it spreads information very fast. A lot of times this is how I find out about new products or deals. But it is important to keep a positive image because if people I follow make negative or positive comments on something it could affect my opinion about your company. Social Media should be vital to every company.

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