A hot emerging technology involves what is known as 3D printing. What is it and how is it being used?

According to Jody Gilliam, writing for TeleTech: “3D printing is another disruptive technology that is transforming the customer experience as we know it. With the ability to ‘print’ virtually any object, 3D printing shifts creating and manufacturing capabilities to the customer, potentially diminishing vendor power and decreasing the value of their products. Often referred to as additive manufacturing, 3D printing is the process of layering material into virtually any solid shape. Digital designs and graphic design software guide 3D printers to dispense metal, plastic, and other materials onto moving platforms. Successive layers of material are deposited to create anything from shoes to replacement jawbones, and even fully functional guns. If you can design it, a 3D printer can create it. 3D printing is still in its early days. Printers are expensive and adoption has been slow, but 3D printing has received lots of media attention lately. Some anticipate 3D printers in nearly every household by 2030 and beyond.”

Take a look at this infographic from Scuplteo for more information.

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