Are Some Price Discounts an Illusion?

5 May

When is a sale a sale? Click here to learn more:

Are Some Price Discounts an Illusion?

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One Response to “Are Some Price Discounts an Illusion?”

  1. James Matzen May 9, 2013 at 5:02 pm #

    As someone who prefers to buy things over the internet, sales are a huge incentive for me to make a purchase. I like to believe that I am pretty smart when it come to online shopping, so when I see a listed sale or discount I will actually know whether or not the price is lower than the usually listed one. I also shop around and look for lower prices all over the internet including ebay, where you can see some of the lowest prices if you are lucky. I recently bought a 40 in tv and was following it for about a week on several websites. Once I saw it go on the sale on the website where the price was already the lowest one I have seen, I bought it right away. This sale was no illusion, but I can 100% see people who would jump on any item that says discounted or on sale.

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