As we know, the music industry has changed dramatically in recent years.

Check out this animated timeline from Digital Music News.


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  1. I really enjoy this timeline of how much the music industry has changed. It is one part of the entertainment industry that really is the most volatile. The way people listen to music is constantly and consistently changing. As you can see starting from the 1980s how the industry was largely taken up by cassettes and slowly moved to CD’s once the 1990’s hit. And then following the 90’s the emergence of iTunes and downloadable singles and EPs. It seems to me that downloading music may be here for much longer than the usual time-span of ways to get or listen to music. However, I am excited to see what new technology emerges for the music industry.

  2. This timeline is really interesting and pretty entertaining to look at. I remember that as a kid, the only way I listened to music was on cassette. Once I upgraded to a Walkman portable cd player I was absolutely amazed at how technology improved so much. If I were to tell myself as a kid that I could basically put an unlimited amount of music onto my phone with it neatly sorted out, I would never believe that. It seems digital downloads are the future of music, but since I have been blown away with the new technology I have seen throughout my life maybe there is something even better and newer that will come out.

  3. I love music, and listen to music all the time. It is so amazing how the music industry has changed. I used to take public buses go to school and come home, on the way i always have to listen to music on the bus. I still remember how I begged my mother buy me a walkman, that was 1999. looking back, I have owned walkman, MP3 player, Ipod and Itouch. all of the electronic devices could prove all the changes. As time developed, we all realized how today’s technology changes and become better and better. It is so amazing.

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