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  1. First direct did a good job of putting together the classifications, as it very accurately describes the different roles people take on social media sites. I can say that there are far too many “Informers” on my home pages at any one time, can the number of “Ultras” has gotten larger recently.

  2. I’m very impressed at how accurately first direct classified social media users. I’ve often thought about how interesting it is that people use social media in different ways and don’t all view it in the same light. I would have to admit that I’m a denier. I don’t like to believe it but I check my different outlets of social media at least a few times a day because it is so easy to access on the Iphone. Prior to getting the Iphone I would only go on facebook about once a day and may have not even gone on twitter for a few days. Now it’s as simple as pulling your phone out of your pocket when you’re bored in the elevator or just checking it while you’re walking to class. It amazes me how may people have their heads down looking at their phones while walking around this campus. I think more people are Ultras than would ever admit it. I know the majority of my friends see, like or comment on my posts within the first 15-30 minutes of me posting it.

  3. Wow this is very accurate. I describe myself as a lurker and a bit of a dipper. I check my facebook or twitter only when i am anticipating replys, or likes. I just have them to stay in the loop, and see what I’m tagged in. But its crazy how this social network phenomena is mostly in the US. Most of these sites are US based too.

  4. This chart definitely laid out the several types of people out there on social media very accurately. I can place most of friends directly into one category. I would consider myself a dipper because I currently only have a facebook that i check once a week if even that much. Im at the point where the only use im getting out of it is talking to high school friends, but I can speak to them through other means anyway. I think it would be interesting if they made another chart for people who do not have social media and the different types of people such as older generations, against social-media teenagers, or too lazy to bother with it.

  5. This is a very accurate representation of the different types of users for social networks. The ranters category is especially prominent not just on social networks, but on almost all forums or places where you can comment on the internet. When people have a computer screen to hide behind they seem to think they can say anything and everything. One thing that I always find interesting about social networking companies such as Facebook is that they push every user to be an ultra user. You can see this quite clearly with their introduction of Facebook Home. Which essentially makes your phone a Facebook device that happens to also have phone functions.

  6. it is very interesting to see all types of users for social networks. After I saw the picture, first I did is trying to see which one apply to myself. I would put myself into the lurkers. I check my twitter and facebook everyday, but just reading others status tweets, I do tweets but not as much as others. from the picture above, each category is very specific. And it is crazy what people do with social network in today’s society. social network become part of our daily activity.

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