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  1. As we have discussed in class, you can not create a video with the intention that it is going to go viral. That is something that will happen on its own. With that in mind, I am surprised at how many of these YouTube stars have continued on with their own shows and whatnot. It’s amazing to see how many of these stars have made careers off their online fame.

  2. I’m surprised as to how many of these YouTube sensations were able to hold on to their 15 minutes of fame. It is a pleasant surprise to see some of these people make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. It’s funny how viral videos happen accidentally. People can’t make a video with the mindset that it will be a hit on YouTube. Some people are just lucky enough to capture something so funny and fascinating that others can’t resist.

  3. It is very surprising to see how many people have been able to make something of themselves from a youtube video. For the most part when their videos became popular they were made fun of rather than praised. Although some of the videos were just funny and dumb it is impressive that they have been able to make careers out of that.

  4. What amazes me most is that Psy just released another video and it already has 204 million views. It is crazy that 204 million people EACH spent 4 minutes watching Psy’s new video, Over 800 million minutes were spent watching Psy, Youtube can make people famous — all it takes is one viral video.

  5. It’s interesting to think that none of these “youtube stars” knew their videos were going to blow up even if they had the mindset that they were going to make a viral video. I’m surprised how many have continued making videos or got job offers because of it. I would have assumed more would have just been one hit wonders.

  6. This was really interesting to read. I often wondered how some of the “stars” were doing and, in all honesty, I was shocked that most of them continued to be successful. On the other hand, some of those people became “famous” because people laughed AT them; most of them weren’t talented so I don’t feel that some of them should be paid for being annoying or a source of mocking laughter.

  7. It’s really funny to look at this graphic because its sort of nostalgic in the sense that I remember all of these videos from when they were popular, but have since forgotten about them almost completely. It shows how much popularity can be garnered from a YouTube video, and also how quickly it can disappear.

  8. It is really amazing how some people can literally become famous just from a single video on youtube. Many of these people attempt to recreate videos that will get millions and millions of views , but it is often extremely difficult to successfully follow up on a hugely popular video. The people who can successfully receive a significant amount of views on videos that are posted daily or weekly are the ones who really have a talent.

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