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  1. Joel – from someone who has sold technical products and solutions to hospitals in the NY Metro area for 28 years I could not disagree more with Mr. Dainty. The B2B Sales Cycle always begins with a stage called Problem Recognition. Without knowing they have a real or perceived problem there will be no interest in your product or service. The C-Suite of any large organization would be too far removed from the day to day workings of a specific department to know of any real or perceived problems that your product or service would provide.

    A salesperson would have much better results communicating the benefits of his/her product/service offering to the specific department manager. If you really do have a “better mousetrap” the department manager or end user will move mountains to get your message up the corporate ladder. The goal is to get that end user or department manager to “sell” the benefits of your product/service offering.

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