Pinterest is booming — and, as a result, the social media site is now a key aspect of many companies’ online strategies.

According to Crispin Sheridan, reporting for ClickZ: “The new ‘it girl’ in Hollywood may be Jennifer Lawrence, but in the online world it’s Pinterest. The image content sharing service just raised $200 million at a $2.5 billion valuation and is successfully being leveraged by several online retailers and large brands. Eighty percent of Pinterest users are women and one in five women are on it. And they’re not posting pictures of their kids — like that other declining social behemoth, Facebook. No, Pinterest users are curating everything from home décor and kitchen gadgets to baby products. They’re in a buying mood and they’re browsing for the next ‘it’ item. Why is that important? Simply, if you can make social profitable and influence commerce you are going to win the popularity race.”

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8 Replies to “Pinterest Keeps Growing”

  1. I always am looking on Pinterest for new ideas. Whether it is how to better organize my room or what cute dessert I can make for the next upcoming holiday. I never thought about it for businesses though. It would be funny to see how the local businesses by us could use Pinterest.

  2. I am really not an active Pinterest user, but the concept of being a pin board is interesting (no pun intended). For the main audience to be 80% female I need to check it out, and see the value of using this site to reach the female audience, and gain their perspectives on product use and interest. It is a very innovative approach to marketing and one that is interactive with the consumer. Volkswagen is using many of the innovative approaches to market the Jetta and Passat, as we saw in the advertisement last week that targeted young families using the safety features of the car.

  3. I am familiar with the concept of Pinterest, but am not an avid user of it. I understand it can be a creative outlet to share/post DIY tips or optimize a brand, but I don’t think it has a high impact on users now, nor do I believe it will be the next youtube or facebook. There are already other mediums out there that have similar purposes that Pinterest does. Personally I don’t have time for it, and I think it’s just another pointless way for [mostly] female users to drive consumerism.

  4. My friend convinced me to start using Pinterest a few months ago and I admit with some shame, I love it! I definitely understand why it has become so popular with women. You can find almost anything on Pinterest. Looking for a new recipe to try? Pinterest has tons of ideas. Want to find a way to may Christmas wreaths yourself? Pinterest has it! Sometimes we see pins and we repin them; there’s a 90% chance we will never look at it again but it’s the “I may use that someday!” feeling that fills us with power. We might never use our pins but knowing that if we ever wanted to cook that recipe or buy that dress, we could. It’s exciting but essentially, it’s the equivalent to window shopping.

  5. The article Pinterest Keeps Growing is a very appealing article to me. Being a pinterest user, it is interesting to see how many people are actually using this social media website. I am not surprised that it is most popular with woman because there are so many “woman” categories to browse. Personally, my pinterest is all about fashion. i enjoy “pinning” pictures in various categories such as “MYCLOTHINGSTYLE”, “MYSHOESTYLE”, “MYMAKEUPSTYLE”, and “MYPURSESTYLE”. Within these categories are pictures of the different kinds of styles i enjoy wearing. As an aspiring Fashion Businesswoman, pinterest lets me “show off” the fashions that are my style, as well as give other people fashion ideas.

  6. Pinterest, from what I hear, is a great site. I have several friends that refer to it for crafting and dorm decorating ideas. I think that by following in the footsteps of Instagram, Pinterest creators did themselves a favor. Of course, Instagram is a different concept but I think that what we are drifting more towards to is the picture world. People want to see more than read more. They want to be able to look at something, decide weather they like it and then go from there. I like the concept of Pinterest and I’m sure I’ll be on that bandwagon soon. Businesses would be smart to use Pinterest as a marketing tool. I think they’d be smart to use any social media to promote their business.

  7. Over the summer I was a marketing intern for a local retail store. They wanted me to create Pinterest page for them. I had never used it before, and made my own to learn the ropes. It was so easy to learn, and I became addicted very quickly. It’s a great sight for exploring new ideas whether it’s baking, cooking, home decorating, and the list goes on and on. But it’s also a great new tool for marketing. The goal of the page I created wasn’t about selling their items, but more about displaying them. There was a board of top selling products, different recipes, and a board of “cool” gadgets. Pinterest is a great new tool, and is lot of fun too.

  8. It seems amazing how quickly Pinterest has grown in terms of its usage and popularity. I find it interesting but not surprising that 80 percent of Pinterest’s users are women. Personally, I have no interest in it or desire to pin things on a board but I know both, my sister and my mother have boards they pin things to. I’m really not sure why you would want to look at what other people have pinned and follow them but I guess we all have our hobbies and forms of entertainment. Then again, who am I to criticize it? They must be doing something right since they are getting more adherents every day.

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