6 Replies to “Enhancing the Customer Experience at Car Dealerships”

  1. It’s kind of interesting to hear something like this. You’d never expect Audi of all dealers to have a problem with their dealerships. I think it’s definitely an important part of the car buying experience because a lot of times you spend hours in a dealership trying to find the right car or right price. So having a good experience at a well kept dealership, I don’t think it’s too much to ask for, and if anything it will only help your reputation as a whole.

  2. Good customer experience along with a great product is always a recipe for success. Though that doesn’t mean they have to be mutually exclusive but certainly necessary for prolonged success….which is what Audi failed to realize. Companies often lack in that domain…. A well rounded customer service with many satisfiers is a great way to differentiate yourself from the competitors: to foster great relationships with the clients while building their loyalty goes a long way.

  3. I think that it is definitely smart of Audi to step up their game and remodel their show rooms. Everyone knows that comfortability is a huge part of shopping. The more comfortable you feel in a certain shop, the more time you will spend there, which leads to more money being spent there. You don’t want to be uncomfortable in a place where you are trying to make a decision about forking over such large sums of money. It’s not like you are just going in to buy a drink; you are going in to make a huge investment on something that is supposed to last you for years. The touch screens that will guide customers through the cars many features are a great added touch because it is entertainment and they get to see the car in a different light than just sitting in a showroom or a parking lot. Also, stations explaining the differences between certain frames is great because not everyone is an expert on cars but everyone wants to get the best quality for their money. If it is explained to them properly, they will feel more comfortable spending that money.

  4. Improving customer service was a smart move on Audi’s part. Part of the reason why people dread buying cars is because of the experience they have while at the car dealership. The few things featured in the picture from the article seem to make the experience better. The ability to test different fabrics as well as a less intimidating area to work out the logistics, should make the experience more helpful for the consumer. It is reasonable to assume that this is why Audi’s sales have increased over the past 24 months. If the customer is happy, then why wouldn’t they buy the product.

  5. Car salesman are unfortunately seen by consumers as not having the most prestigious job. And because of that it is not surprise to me that Audi’s problem is at the selling location. Many people who buy Audi know that they are getting a quality car and because of that they look past the different features they get with the car. On the other hand there is many other customers that when they buy a car want to see every little feature and detail about it. So I think that it is a good move on Audi’s part to put the different technology in the showroom to show exactly all the different features of the car. This alone will definitely win over more customers.

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