Does the story in today’s Wall Street Journal signify a blip for Apple or a major turning point in the face of strong competition?

Click the image to check out a WSJ video on this subject.



3 Replies to “Apple’s iPhone 5: Not as Hot as Expected”

  1. This is no surprise as is the fact that the 2012 Holiday Shopping Season was soft. When incomes of the entire middle class are stagnating, how much disposable income do consumers have. The 1% of America can only buy so many gadgets!!

      1. This is not a surprise the iPhone 5 did not present any innovation other than changing the name from 4s to the number 5. You can see it in the commercials where they market the size of the phone and sound technologies that have been in existence for quite awhile. Apple has to get back to the innovative company that its always been instead of continuing with poor upgrades such as the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini.

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