Through a post at Multichannel Merchant, Worldwide Partners, Inc. agencies Godfrey, Mintz & Hoke and Traction Creative present 10 rules for better social media use in business-to-business marketing.

Click the image to read the 10 rules.



5 Replies to “Rules of the Road: Social Media and B2B Marketing”

  1. 1 and 10 I found to be most important. Social media doesn’t just include one thing, in includes many different sites and outlets. I remember discussing 5 and 8 in class, from our papers and your comments. Good tips!

      1. I believe 5 and 10 are the most important, consumers will pick up if a company is not committed in its usage of social media and integrating the different social media together will extend the reach of such marketing as someone who is a devout Facebook user may not use Twitter that much. Integrating them will increase the chances of a consumers seeing it.

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