More companies are involved with social media today. But, many of them can still do much better.

Anna Papachristos writes for 1to1 Magazine that: “As social media’s popularity continues to gain momentum, companies must grow their social presence into active participation, thereby using social networks to develop a dialogue with these vocal consumers. Yet, while embracing these customers is paramount, many companies don’t know how to approach these potential brand advocates and harness their value in a way that’s advantageous to both their customer bases and their brands.”

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  1. I worked as Social Media Director at my ecommerce agency before moving to Strategic Marketing. That experience left me dissatisfied with social media as an active marketing tool. The social networks (thankfully) limit the types of interactions a company can have with customers, which makes social media a great tool when consumers want to make contact with a company first. But it also means that companies resort to obtrusive ad placements in social feed to try to capture users who aren’t yet engaged.

    Only products with word-of-mouth potential in and of themselves tend to find success in social ads. Consumers are quickly wising up to “viral” content created to sell products. It’s not that the content isn’t engaging, it’s that people move so quickly on social media that they aren’t going to slow down enough to suddenly enter the market and buy something. And if they just like a page and move on, any possible conversion will take a long time. My take is that social media is best used for customer service and retention of those who are already familiar with a brand. Positive experiences there are the key to making people brand ambassadors.

    1. Hi Jason,
      Interesting comments. I am head of the Social Media department in my company and what i have found is that in order to create momentum you have to use alternative channels integrated with social media. I implemented QR codes, mobile apps and internet based apps in order to offer consumers targeted solutions increasing the ways consumers can use our products and integrated with social media so as their friends to find out about my brand. I had the chance to meet and work with a former senior director of Apple Marketing team who gave me a very useful case study to read, The Wine Library TV. It might help you!
      This is just a friendly comment so please don’t think I am criticizing your experience.


  2. Social media can generate the “words of mouth” which can attract more focus. Social media can help companies get close to the consumer. For example, when I use “Sina Weibo” which is Chinese edition of Twitter to post the plan to go to a Casino in U.S, it’s amazing the American Casino has an account on that website and replied me in Chinese language.

  3. No matter what technology will always change with the times. One of the major changes of all time in the work force was the introduction and adaptation to computers. It used to be back in the day that you would go to work, do your job, and complete the rest of it the next day. Now you are supposed to go to work, get your job done, and then go home and answer to a bunch of emails maybe even continue to work from your desktop and then repeat the same cycle the next day all over again. Many people can whine about this new computer involvement all they want but the truth is it will never disappear. Upon the use of computers came social media. This is something that keeps people connected 24/7 which is appropriate since we all have our phone or laptop in our hands 24/7. it allows communication that we have never been able to accomplish before. Social media is just a part of the changing times and people have no choice but to get used to it and take advantage of it.

  4. Social Media is very important for a company, just like Xiaming (Harry) Li said, it will let the consumers know the company better than before. For instance, if the company have some activities, and it post through the company’s social media, then people who are pay attention to the company will notice these activities, and learn more about the company through these activities.

  5. nowadays, the social media such as facebook and twitter can make effects to much more consumers.

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