7 Replies to “Negotiating Your Salary”

  1. It is very useful for the new employees like us. In China, we don’t like to talk about money, but here we should be more straightforward about the benefit we should get.

  2. With the current state of the economy a lot of companies are offering lower salaries for positions because people are desperate for work and willing to work for less. To me this makes the idea of negotiating a less than favorable notion because you never know who is willing to do your job at a lower pay.

  3. according to this vedio, I think it is necessary for those employess to argue with their boss if they think their salary were quit low.

  4. The part of the video where the woman says, “don’t negotiate during the interview process,” that is key. I’ve interviewed many people for my company and a handful did want to negotiate during the interview process, that showed they didn’t care about the company or anything other then the money. Needless to say those who did try to negotiate salary during the interview did not move on to the next phase of interviews. What until you are offered the job and prove yourself before asking for an increase in salary.

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