3 Replies to “How Well Is the Global Economy Doing?”

  1. I didn’t realize that so many developing countries have such amount of confident in current economies. Among those least confident countries, Greeks and Italians are reasonable to declare that they don’t have confidence (based on the terrible crisis they had recently) but what happen to the Koreans? Regarding to buy products now or later, I think people better act now because 1. We can not foresee things (what if future economy gets worse) and 2. One dollar at hand is better than one hundred bucks in the future (PV vs. FV, learned from my Finance Professor).

  2. I know the economy power and chance higher in the developing countries, but I’ve never realized that they also get so much confidence about there economy. It’s absolutely find that the consumption trend is more access to entertainment to enjoy life. That means people prefer to spent money for enjoy life more than save for that little interests. So the travel and entertainment tickets are shown frequently in the consumption topics.

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