How Fast Do Web Sites Load Up on Mobile Media?

8 Oct

Now that so many people are using their smartphones to access Web sites, the speed of page loads is coming under closer scrutiny.

Is your smartphone fast enough for you? 🙂 Check out this infographic.


How Fast Do Websites Really Load for Mobile Users?

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One Response to “How Fast Do Web Sites Load Up on Mobile Media?”

  1. michelle baker November 29, 2012 at 5:41 pm #

    well based on this article it seems that the iphone completely kicks butt in the category or internet speed and the quality of internet offered. As an android owner i am not complaining about the speed of my 3g internet. In all honesty this is my first phone with access to internet so i don’t really have anything to compare it too. i do not use my phone internet to write research reports or handle serious business, i use it if i have a question about something or for entertainment. At this point my phone is outdated and i am sure i would notice the difference if i purchased a new smart phone for 2013 but its not really a priority, if i need excellent internet, i will just use my desktop.

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