Google Analytics is a great tool — when used properly.

As Caleb Donegan notes at the YouMoz Blog: “One of the most daunting, yet rewarding, task to take on is that of launching an E-commerce site. In the first six months of launching a site, you are going to track different metrics then you would after the site is well-established. Having had the opportunity, and in many cases task, to launch a number of websites there are a few issues that pop up in every case: (1) Creating an easy-to-use payment process is unique every time. (2) No matter how much revenue is coming in, even if surpassing expectations, it always seems like opportunities are being missed. (3) Data, Data, Data…with so much information coming at once it is impossible to dissect and act on all of it.”

Click Donegan’s photo to see his five tips for using Google Analytics.

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