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Firms on Glassdoor’s Best Employers Survey Each Year

10 Jan

In December, we highlighted Glassdoor’s 2018 Best U.S. Employers. And we studied Optimizing Employer-Employee Relationships. Earlier last year, we posted about Marketing Career Planning and Career Development. In addition, we looked at Getting Off a Bad Career Path. Today, we see the  firms on Glassdoor’s best employers survey each year . There are only three of them!


Firms on Glassdoor’s Best Employers Survey Each Year

Annually, for the past 10 years, Glassdoor has published its best employers’ list. Just three firms have made the list each year. And they are Bain & Company, Google, and Apple.

As reported by Business Insider:

Glassdoor published a list of the best companies of 2018 based on anonymous employee reviews. Business Insider looked into which companies have made its list — which features 100 companies annually — since its inception 10 years ago. Accordingly, Bain & Company, Google, and Apple were the only three companies to have made the list every year. Glassdoor’s list of the 100 best companies of 2018 saw plenty of newcomers — 40, to be exact.”

“Thus, Business Insider looked at some Glassdoor analytics to figure out what reviewers love about these three companies. And we found that they are led by widely adored CEOs, typically hold moderately tricky interviews, and feature top perks like generous paid time off policies, health insurance, and 401K plans.”

Let’s dig into why these three firms have remained such popular employers. First, click on the company name in blue to visit its Glassdoor page. Then, read the data gathered by Business Insider. The three photos are from Glassdoor.

Bain & Company

Firms on Glassdoor's Best Employers Survey Each Year - Bain & Co.

Ranking on 2018 Glassdoor list: 2. Average employee rating: 4.7/5. And 98%  approve of CEO Bob Bechek. Most talked-about perks on Glassdoor: Maternity and paternity leave, health insurance, vacation, and paid time off. Also, 96% of employees would recommend Bain to a friend.


Firms on Glassdoor's Best Employers Survey Each Year - Google

Ranking on 2018 Glassdoor list: 5. Average employee rating: 4.4/5. And 96%  approve of CEO Sundar Pichai. Most talked-about perks on Glassdoor: Free food, health insurance, and 401K plan. Also, 91% of employees would recommend Google to a friend.


Firms on Glassdoor's Best Employers Survey Each Year - Apple

Ranking on 2018 Glassdoor list: 84. Average employee rating: 4.0/5. And 93% approve of CEO Time Cook. Most talked-about perks on Glassdoor: Employee discount, health insurance, and 401K plan. Also, 79% of employees would recommend Apple to a friend.


Glassdoor’s 2018 Best U.S. Employers

14 Dec

Looking for a new job or career? Glassdoor provides a lot of good information. And that includes Glassdoor’s 2018 best U.S. employers listings. Also, Glassdoor separates the listings by company size. In that way, small and medium firms get recognized. What makes Glassdoor unique? As the firm reports:

“Glassdoor is one of the fastest growing jobs and recruiting sites. Glassdoor holds a growing database of millions of company reviews, CEO approval ratings, salary reports, interview reviews and questions, benefits reviews, office photos and more. Unlike other jobs sites, all of this information is entirely shared by those who know a company best — the employees.”

And the Glassdoor employer rankings are a nice complement to other review services. And those include rankings by Universum: 2017 Most Attractive U.S. Employers and 2017 Most Attractive Global Employers.


Glassdoor’s 2018 Best U.S. Employers: Large Firms

Recently, Glassdoor produced its 2018 rankings of the best U.S. employers. As noted in the previous section, the ranking is based on employee feedback. The rankings are divided into two categories: large firms and small/medium firms. For large firms, 100 companies are ranked.

Glassdoor's 2018 best U.S. employers

Now, take a look at the top ten large firms. And click the links for company information:

  1. Facebook.
  2. Bain & Company.
  3. Boston Consulting Group.
  4. In-N-Out Burger.
  5. Google.
  6. lululemon.
  7. HubSpot.
  8. World Wide Technology.
  9. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
  10. Ultimate Software.

So, here’s a video about Facebook employees.



Glassdoor’s 2018 Best U.S. Employers: Small & Medium Firms

In Glassdoor’s 2018 ranking of best small and medium U.S. firms, 50 companies are ranked. The top ten include [And remember to click the link to learn about the companies.]

  1. Silverline.
  2. New Home Star.
  3. Next Century.
  4. Acceleration Partners,
  5. Zoom Video Communications.
  6. OppLoans.
  7. Glint.
  8. Life.Church.
  9. CB Insights.
  10. CarShield.

Because of firm size, you may not them. Thus, how many names do you recognize?

Next, click the image of employees on the beach to see a photo montage of Silverline employees.

Glassdoor's 2018 Best U.S. Employers Silverline


Glassdoor’s Best Employers for 2017: Multiple Rankings

27 Mar

Each year, career services firm Glassdoor publishes various lists of “best places to work,” based on feedback from those job seekers and employees providing feedback to Glassdoor. By clicking on the image shown below, you can access Glassdoor’s 2017 “best” recommendations.



What makes Glassdoor’s lists especially valuable are the number of different perspectives that are available:


GREAT Tools to Assist You in a Job Search

7 Nov

Two weeks ago, the following information was posted. If you are in a job search, these tools are VERY useful for you. In case you missed it, we are publishing the post again.


When searching for a job, are you effective? There are many excellent digital tools that can assist you in undertaking a better job search.

As Maria Onzain writes for Tech.co:

“Do you feel your job hunt efforts are inefficient? Do you want to jump-start your career but not sure how to do it? Using the right technology will help you build up a winning resume faster. Each of these digital tools will help you in the different phases of your job hunt.”

  • With Uptowork, “choose one of 20 templates in 400 colors and let this resume generator guide you. Once you have filled out all the sections, you will be able to edit and personalize it before getting a URL to share. From the dashboard, you can to track your resume’s performance and check how many times it has been seen and downloaded by recruiters.”
  • Use Grammarly to “make make sure your resume and cover letter are error-free. Copy and paste your resume in this platform, and you will instantly see if you have made any grammar mistakes.”
  • Through Jobscan, you can “check if your resume is tailored to the job description. Jobscan optimizes your resume keywords against the job description. All you need to do is paste your resume and the job description, and it will scan it for you.”
  • With GlassDoor, you can “get to know companies inside out. You can search for hundreds of companies all over the world and find precious information including, but not limited to, first-hand employees reviews, salary expectations, and details about the enterprise’s specific recruiting process.”
  • JobHero can “help you manage the whole job searching process. With the smart browser extension, you can save job opportunities from across the Web and you can access a personal dashboard to track the application process.”

Click the image to read more.


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