Yesterday, we revisited the state of the current job market. With observations for both those employed and unemployed. Now, we cite several open jobs. And then, we look at state-by-state COVID-19 job resources. This information is from job site Glassdoor.

Open Jobs Available Through Glassdoor

Glassdoor reports that:

“Although the coronavirus has slowed down hiring significantly, there are a sizable amount of companies who are still hiring amid COVID-19. While hiring may be slowing in some sectors, many companies are eager to add hundreds or thousands to their ranks today. From hospitals, technology companies, delivery services, grocery markets, healthcare manufacturing companies, transportation, and logistics companies, there are many employers eager to fill roles. Looking for a new job or perhaps a second job? Companies need you more than ever before. Check out all the companies hiring right now. Apply today.”

Click the image to visit the open jobs section of Glassdoor’s site.

Open Jobs Available Through Glassdoor

A Glassdoor Directory of State-by-State COVID-19 Job Resources

Thanks to Glassdoor, there is also a comprehensive listing of online job resources by state. In the current workplace environment, this is a very valuable listing. As Glassdoor notes:

“In addition to our job resources at Glassdoor, you can leverage local, government and community services to help you adapt to the changing circumstances in your area. To help your job search, we’ve compiled a list of the workforce, labor departments and companies that are hiring part-time, work from home and temporary positions within each state in the United States. Remember, you can still reference our job listings on Glassdoor that highlight remote opportunities, here.”

Click the image to visit the state-by-state job resources section of Glassdoor’s site. The image here illustrates the information presented for three states.

State-by-State COVID-19 Job Resources


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