Yesterday, we looked at the current situation and future forecasts about remote working. But how about YOU? Are you doing all that you can to stand out in the remote work marketplace?


Tips to Stand Out in the Remote Work Marketplace

We expect that remote working  will remain much higher than before the pandemic. However, not everyone now remotely working will be able to continue.

To continue working remotely please make sure you do everything possible to highlight your skills.

From Glassdoor

For good advice, we turn to Dominique Fluker, Content Marketing Manager, Editorial at Glassdoor:

    • “Highlight your skills as a remote worker. The most successful remote workers possess certain qualities. Most importantly these.
      • Self-motivation. Take the initiative. Emphasize a bias toward action in both your cover letter and interview.
      • Communication. Provide examples of how you use  E-mail, video conferencing, and online chat. Show you go above and beyond to ensure clarity.
      • Visibility. Work on new projects, collaborate with different teams and team members, and further show your  value. Highlight  when you’ve volunteered for extra responsibility – especially from a distance.
    • Understand your potential employer’s brand. Top candidates know the importance of a potential employer’s brand. Before a virtual interview, read about the firm’s mission, values, culture, perks, and benefits. So, know why you’d fit in. Make a memorable impression on your interviewer. 
    • Brush up on your virtual interviewing skills. Remote work jobs may come with their own interview questions. Marie Romero of Blue Shield of California says that firms may focus on ‘the ability to collaborate, drive for results, and self-motivation.’ As well as ask, “Have you established/maintained collaborations with colleagues despite geographic differences? How did you keep the momentum of the project going? Tell me when you handled a difficult interaction in a remote setting?'”

To read other material from Fluker, click on the image.

Stand Out in the Remote Work Marketplace

From Skillcrush

Consider the following infographic tips for working remotely straight from the Skillcrush team.

Stand Out in the Remote Work Marketplace

From Other Sources

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